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Entry #98
Probably the weakest of the 3 (original was on WTVN), but it actually happened and since the sequel was fictional I had to finish the trilogy. Had some people actually say that was shitty to keep getting the free meal...
...? That's the balance of life people. We all get fucked one way or another in our years on this planet and God or whomever makes up for it every now and then by giving us a friggin' hamburger. 4 in this case, and lighten up.
Someone forgetting to take your coupon is not like holding up the joint...although I do have to wonder how the manager didn't sit some people down after say, day TWO and tell them to take the coupon already.
Classic. Anyway, good little bits. I love telling stories and it's funny but these have a way of "hooking" you all the way until the end no matter what. This is one that comes on right as you're getting out of your car and you hold the key in just a moment longer because...you just gotta see if I make it all week.
I love that.