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Entry #97
Are you kidding me? Did I really just do this? There's actually a long set-up for how this came about.
At WTVN Cannon used to always have Penthouse magazine around his desk. Go figure. I never touched 'em but one day the curiosity got the best of me and I picked one up. Lo and behold some chick is pissin completely across the centerfold. What, the fuck? It was trying to be all "arty" but fuck if I understood that. I figured it was just that issue. Next week, another Penthouse - and here we go again. For the next several months I would grab one and lo and behold every centerfold was pissin' herself. It's just so disturbing to me to be on the outside of some "Sexual Revolution" - you know? There's just nothing remotely sexy about that to me and somehow millions of these magazines are sold to men who can't get enough of it. And Penthouse was the some class hard-core shit back in the day. Anyway, the image was burned in my brain.
Cut to a few years later and I have Phantom Menace tickets to give away and for some reason it just hits me. A female pissing contest. The chicks in the pictures could really shoot it and, well - it doesn't hurt to throw it out there...
...what I ended up with were guys coming down begging their girlfriends to participate because they wanted the tickets so bad. We got 2 contestants who promptly started drinking bottles of water (I gave 'em an hour to load up) and out to the street we went in the middle of the night. I actually wired my microphone all the way out the door and to the street so I could do the play by play.
It's not a really crowded street, it's a side street with the main street being Front Street. Had the Banana Joes drunkards just taken a right, oh what a sight they would've seen. As it was a big truck made the corner in what certainly made his night.
Unfortunately the set-up didn't live up to the final show with one girl barely trickling anything out and the 2nd not being able to go at all. She was the funniest though as her boyfriend knelt beside her pushing on her stomach and pleading with her. Such a sight. Girl naked from the waist down spread eagle as her man is saying "Come on honey, just a little". It was so much like watching someone give birth.
Also unfortunately, as I stated at the beginning, it was about as erotic as said birth. I just don't get the piss thing man. For those who do, I have a magazine to sell you.