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Entry #96
Destined to be the most clicked on entry of the entire CD101 journey. Let's just get these out of the way now:
Nothin' more "rockstar" than signing a naked chick. And Marty, you owe me for this one. ;-)
Strangely though - nowhere near as "hot" as you'd think. Sorry to burst my own bubble here but when the participant is completely willing and has no issue taking all of her clothes off? Meh, whatever. And also, to have no problem having permanent marker all over you? She just struck me as...well, really friggin' high. Ha. You can even tell in the bit I'm kind of making fun of her as if to say:  "What's wrong with you?" Oh well, cool pics though. And how bad is that cameraman? If it wasn't for my signature I'd have no proof that was me. LOL.
But yeah, the best bits are when people are apprehensive and they're pushing their own limits and boundaries to do something. This wasn't one of those people.