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Entry #94
Uhm, yeah - it was something like this. :-)
We all moan that we don't have more pics of these actual bits, but there's no way they would've happened if we were filming it. Oh and especially with this girl. Ha!
Tasha's friend Cindy would come down week after week with Tasha and bemoan how horrible this show was and how I was completely disgusting, blah blah blah. I really did just look at her and say: "lighten up, no one's doing anything they don't want to do". And that really is the bottom line with The Late Show. You're just seeing what people are like. It's disgusting if the people make it disgusting. I'm not eating anyone's shit. Granted, I'm the ring leader - but seriously, lighten up - it's 3 AM and we're here... so why not?
And that's the thing, by this time there were at least 15 people per show now hanging out. Were they hanging out because of the great tunes? No. They wanted to be part of the party and so did Cindy...so she was full of shit and I knew it. And lo and behold we have They Might Be Giants tickets and suddenly those morals fly the fuck out the window.
So it was "Ice Cream Truck" time coming into the summer season and we had a whole lotta Ice Cream and Cindy actually came up with the idea. Have her ex-boyfriend lick ice cream off of her naked body. Sounds like a Late Show bit to me.
Best part is Marty and the other peeps getting nailed for peeking. The majority of people that did anything naked would only do it for me. I guess I was somehow less intimidating? That or they knew someone had to witness it and 1 was better than 10. But I tried to help the moose out and let him hide in my studio and would cue him when it was time to look. He fucked up this time. Heh.
Oh and Tasha really was cruel with the Ice Cream. All, OVER, the place.
The ice cream songs were just perfect for the bit...