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Entry #93
Fun gig this DJing thingee...
What's funny is I became friends with Gabe (the somewhat apprehensive fiancee in the bit). And wouldn't you know, she left him like the week before their wedding. OUCH. Sure he's not a big fan of listening to this now... but we all are.
Again, theater of the mind here. I'm sure you can google a few pics at your own leisure. This was one of the rare cases that it didn't matter that she was so nonchalant about doing it... because he wasn't. I mentioned before that if they're totally willing - it gets boring...it's when they're slightly struggling with the decision that it's fun to witness. She must've just been drunk because she had no issue whatsoever shaving her bearded smile right there in the studio while Gabe sat there all uncomfortable.
And also, this was not your normal fare for The Late Show when it comes to the women who did bits. She was not only hot, but the exact type who wouldn't do this. Classy, very "proper" and when I mention that I have a razor in my backpack she's like "yeah! I can totally do that!". I think Gabe looked at her like: "Bitch is You CRAZY?".
And for Ani DiFranco tickets? How anti-feminist is this? How mortified would Ani DiFranco be if she knew some girl did this to go to her show? I mean it doesn't get any more au naturale than Ani DiFranco.