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Entry #92
THERE'S VIDEO OF THIS AND I CAN'T FIND THE TAPE. DAHHHHHHHHHH! So frustrating. Well it looked something like this:
...but with 3 teams and inside Krogers. How envious was I that I had to sit in the studio for this.
Jimbo, Crazy Food Boy, The Vaseline boys, Marty Moose everyone took place in this event... and the managers of Krogers weren't too happy. What kills me is I obviously had the videotape when I made the bit because I'm mixing the video's audio and the cell phone audio from Jimbo during the race. HOW COULD I MISPLACE THAT! Grrr. Just maddening.
Anyway, very fun bit, great music - fun times. Certainly one of the more epic Listener Bits ever attempted. You could almost feel everything coming to an end though...