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Entry #86
Good christ. Didn't see this coming. I guess I should've known when Randy Malloy (Promotions Director) handed me Rolling Stones tickets. This wasn't your run of the mill band, people were gonna do some crazy shit for these tickets. Oh how right I was...
So we had a "one-up" night where people just kept coming in trying to do something crazier than the next person and at the end we'd announce the winner. It seemed like a great night for me and Marty. We were expecting spectacular sights! Little did we know that when it was all over, Marty, Jess and I would be laying on the sidewalk on Liberty Street contemplating our souls and what we really wanted out of life. I shit you not. Christ do I have to keep using that word? Heh. Suffice to say, this night changed the Late Show forever and pretty much made giving it up a couple months later a little easier. Forget wondering how you can top this, but do you even want to?
I'm not even gonna describe what happened, I'm certainly not going to show you pictures, and I really just want to get out of this entry without having to relive flashbacks. Enter at your own risk.
Oh and this bit prompted the following cartoon I hung in my office:
Heh. That's some good shit right there. Damnit, there's that word again...