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Entry #78

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...

...unless you're trying to drink a freakin' gallon of milk in under an hour without puking. Dude, open a book. Search the 'net... it ain't happenin' man.
There's no need for a bunch of pics this time, it looked exactly the same. No need for a long bit with the lead up, we all know how this one ends. I will say however, that he did actually drink it all in 55 minutes. It was quite impressive. It stayed down for 3 seconds...but still! I was impressed he got that far.
He later told me that he filled his stomach with antacid tablets hoping it would help and believes that's why he was even able to get it all down in the first place. He also had a very specific method of drink, pause, drink, pause, drink, pause in a rocking motion. Honestly, that alone would've made me ralph - but he ended up getting it all down.
Of course what makes the bit worth listening too is simply the unbefugginlieveable sound he makes when it comes out. It's incredible. 'Cause this time - it's the WHOLE gallon baby. It doesn't even sound gross, it's just impressive. So impressive I made a "puke song" out of it.
Stuff you don't hear every day! CD101.