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Entry #73
Something about consuming mass quantites of dairy that just reels 'em in boy.

This is actually a throw back to the very last show I did at WTVN. Dubbed "The Butter Show" these guys tried to eat a stick of butter without yacking on the air, failed. So I ended up eating 1/3 stick and then was offered $25 to puke it up. Dummies. I was gonna do that anyway.

This guy however - was goin' for TWO. That's just... that's crazy. Although it all ends as you'd expect, his performance is nothing short of brilliant. I haven't the slightest idea how he made it as long as he did (live running time over 20 minutes), nor how he got as close as he did. Way to go, now here's your big bag of nothing because you lost.
Sucks, don't it.