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Entry #72
Well it took nearly 7 months - but we finally got our wish. An arrogant young man, certain he could pull off a stunt - and puking his brains out. I mean - jesus, listen to what this man did to his body.
He comes in with 7 tacos from Taco Bell and tries to eat them in 3 minutes. Not happenin'. I'm surprised he even got them all in his mouth, but there was no way he was swallowing it. I think he finished them in about 6 or 7 minutes.
Determined to not end the night a failure... he goes home and gets a gallon of milk and comes back the same NIGHT. It's the old "Can I drink a gallon of milk in under an hour" routine.
For those of you who don't know - you can't. Not without puking. Something about how it expands in your stomach - some physics shit or what not - but it can't be done. It's the greatest bar bet ever invented because every staggering bravado filled young man knows he can do it. Well, welcome to The Late Show Bar, may I have your order?
So Jimbo has it all planned out. Since lotsa money is changing hands here we decide to write up a contract and sign it. I of course realize that it's a complete waste of time because he's already lost $50 before he even started. I like bets like these.
What kills me, is he actually believed that there was a possiblity to drink that bitch in 15 minutes. HAHAHA. And these were his guidelines!
No matter what if he drank it and didn't puke in 45 minutes he won the tickets. If it took him all 45 minutes however he lost $50 but still got the tickets (that were much more than that, so he still would make out). I just shook my head as I took his money. At least I wasn't getting ice cold water dumped on me this time. BTW - not sure why we say the numbers wrong on the air... but this was the agreement.
Oh it was all smiles as we started off boy. He had no doubts. Quick aside, I'll have you notice the sign on the board that tells people to contact me if there are any discreps. (sigh) Shit that isn't even my fault (like a DJ not doing his fucking production work) gets me a call in the middle of the night. Nothing better than getting that call, and then it being the ACTUAL DJ CALLING ME'S ERROR. Fuck me. But that was Andyman's reasoning for not giving me a raise so I had to write that on the board just to show I was responsible. ANYWAY...
He was just so proud of himself. That's what I love. He's like "Halfway through in 5 minutes beyotch!" Well, he didn't actually say that but his face sure is.
Then, almost like clockwork - it became a little harder. Suddenly - he wasn't so happy. Seems ol' Jimbo was getting a physics lesson today boys and girls.
It started as sort of a low rumbling, but he knew right away - he had lost $50 and was not going to be seeing Brian Setzer nor Bob Dylan.
It came fast, it came hard, and the embarrassment of being a 2 time loser on The Late Show meant very little as he was doubled over in agony. The Agony of De-stomach.

You gotta love the man for trying. And believe it or not...he tried again. I shit you not. Keep reading...