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Entry #67
Our friend Tasha returns (we pranked her ex-boyfriend in Entry #62) and wants to be a part of her very own bit. I'm sure there were tickets involved but again, it's more of a pride thing to be able to pull off the challenge.
She's trying to chug 12 ounces of concentrated pink lemonade that should make 2 quarts. She thinks she can chug it in 3 gulps. RIGHT. After her third try with me trying to explain the concept of "chugging" where you don't actually swallow you just let it pour down your throat - I say what I think is gonna be the line of the night:
"I've explained this to so many women, you can't let the gag reflex go!"
But Jess totally one ups me as she calls up right after and throws in "I totally resent that gag reflex comment". It literally seems scripted listening now. But that was live radio baby. Incredibly funny moment. I'll save our "why you don't eat a lot of carrots before foreplay" story for another day.