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Entry #66
"Are we 14 years old?"
This is the way to prank a place. Heh. Thought we'd call up Tim Hortons and order like 500 donuts. Once from me, and then from Crazy Food Boy. I was gonna call up completely straight, completely sincere and order 300 - and then he was gonna call up as some hick and see what happened.
Crazy Food Boy owns this bit hard, his trucker friggin' rules. Not only is his speech pattern different - his entire vocabulary changes. That's the sign of a great voice. I try to do the same with Lester and Johnny and not use words I would normally use. Good tip for the aspiring voice artists out there.
Not much more to add other than the fact that my favorite line of the bit is me saying "That's it" after ordering 300 donuts. I'm like "200 yeast filled donuts", which are apparently a bitch to make and you can hear her going "oh my god" in the background, and then I go "and 100 blueberry donuts. That's it." Ha. I still laugh at myself on that one. That and every damn word that comes out of Crazy Food Boy's mouth is funny. Strong bit.