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Entry #65
Oh whatever. You'd friggin' do it too.
So Mustard Boy comes in (was around during the "Ultimate Drinks" night, but never got into the bit...don't worry this ain't the last of him) and he figured he would turn the tables on me. There was a leak in the Big Room and we had a huge trash bin collecting the water. When I say huge I mean close to 100 gallons. Big. It was also quite cold, snow on the ground - not fun. Jimbo offers Jess and I $100 to take all of our clothes off, go into the parking garage (which is outside) and have all of the water dumped over top of us.
Whew. Not one to throw away anything "free", I figured what the hell. Me and Jess would buy a bunch of DVDs and laugh the whole time. And right after we did it, I have to admit - I really felt like we had gotten one over on Jimbo. But, we just never seemed to get warm again - and I had a whole lotta show left to do. It was a miserable next few hours and then finally we got to our bathtub and soaked in hot water until we felt normal.
If asked to do it again, I'd certainly do it - but would be aware of how long it was going to take me to get to a tub. 'Cause we were frozen to the BONE. It's funny, not once do I mention being embarrassed about the nudity because truth be told - could've cared less. The freezing temperatures and 100 gallons of water made us both quickly forget our lack of clothing.