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Entry #61
The final, and by far the best, "Sincerely Bad Poetry Minute". Thank you Kyle Pees.
So Kyle, a salesman at CD101, submits a "spec spot" (a commercial I make to help him sell to a client) and I immediately take it to everyone at the station and commence the pissing matches. It was the funniest thing I had ever read. Even after reading it 10 times, when I recorded it - I still could barely get through it without laughing. And the reason again is obvious - it's sincere. He was sincerely trying to make a poem.
It was just weeks before Christmas and all through the land,
People were shopping and had hunger at hand,
"Where to go?" the people did say,
Where to get fed and get fed today?
Is it a burger we want? Perhaps a taco?
No, no we need something more.
And what did they see appear in the light?
Macaroni Grill so clean and so bright,
They could tell right away, that this was the place,
From Italian to American, come and get it dude.
The Macaroni Grill had all of their favorites,
Some hot and some cold, with service deluxe...
...and a really clean restroom.
So what is the moral you say?
This holiday season when shopping or out and around,
Visit one of the Macaroni Grills here in town,
They have tables for two, or as big as a bus,
And the food is great, really, trust us,
So when you're hungry for pasta alfredo or soupa du jour,
Get to the Macaroni Grill for the cure,
They have one at Tuttle, and one at Mill Run,
Come in for a glass of wine and some fun.
We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Then he came in the room, and we roared. Even he laughed a bit. He's like "Well I know it's kinda rough around the edges..." Ya think? I just picture him sitting at his cubicle working on this commercial and he had to have gotten to a point and gone: "Yup, that's it! Done."
Greatest shit ever.