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Entry #59
Ooh-ooh! Someone tries METER! Tries being the operative word there...
i'm in tears right now,
because i can't hear your voice,
we'd be together right now,
if only i had a choice,
i cry when i'm not with you,
because words don't say enough,
life is so hard without you,
but i've learned i've got to be tough,
i think about you second after second,
and only wish you were here,
for if you were,
i'd hold you so near,
i am like the bird who waits for a worm,
and i just want to be in your arms,
oh what i would pay to hold you close,
oh what i would give to touch you so,
but you are away,
and i am alone,
i have no one left,
there isn't a place in which i call home,
It's like he got to the third stanza and went - fuck it. I ain't trying that hard. Wrong attitude in a love letter man. Look where it got you.