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Entry #56
How sincerely bad is this shit? Dude is going to jail for 4 years and this is what he writes to his girl hoping she'll wait around for him. Wow. Fucking, wow.
i'm going away for 4 years. it seems like for ever. but it will better me as a man. during those 4 years i'm going to take some english classes to better my spelling. right now you're thinking, i've heard all this befor, but time will tell if i could change. i want you to know that i like the same movies and music you like, but i would rather listen to the stone's. that doesn't mean i don't like the things you like. i had fun that sunday when we went to the caverns and to shoot pool. i love the sound of your voice. the tast of your skin. and the smell of your body. i love your soft hair and i get lost in your eye's. i like the grip of your hand, and your small feet. and i really miss giving you rub downs. i love the way you walk and the way you talk. i was not always happy and sometimes i really wanted this to end, but the love i have for you is the size of me.
i want to feel hole and stable, i'm on my way to that. i hope you see how much you mean to me throug this letter. i brougt you just one two roses to show you that i think of you. i really hope to see you soon. well, i got to go get the flowers now and i hope you're not mad that i came to your work.
I know it's not exactly a "poem" but it was just too funny with the context of it. Ya gotta love "Sincerely Bad Poetry".