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Entry #52
Biting the hand that feeds? Oh come on Adam. It was the previous year when The Other Paper wrote this:
And then I spoof their goofy-ass commercial. Heh, see - as a production director you get exponentially tired of spots that run a whole lot because you're in charge of them. I heard their version goddamn near 10 times a day and it just annoyed me. So I made a spoof of it and put a tiny jab at them in the middle saying "you won't turn away...unless a commercial like this comes on." Sales team wasn't a big fan of this spoof to say the least.
Whatever - lighten up. It's funny.
Oh and I did make a more generic version that I tried desperately to get them to play as a promo spot for my show during the day...but enter the goddamn sales manager again - not wanting to spotlight an unrated daypart. What a cluster-fuck.