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Entry #50
By far, bar none, simply the best of the best as far as Listener Bits go. Talk about not being able to turn off the radio. This was such a long bit with so much angst... I guarantee if you heard this live you were on the edge of your seat. There are so many great parts, I'm not even sure where to start. From them hiding while the fat lady is buying "Little Debbie" to the cashier who is sincerely nervous to the point of locking the store, to the hot gasp the girl makes when the phone is handed to her, to the overall feeling of trepidation as she's whispering throughout the bit... It's simply one of the coolest things I've ever heard on radio.
The question has been raised if this was a fake - and that only comes up when you hear the edited bit. The original took close to 30 minutes live and I can assure you nothing about this was faked. It was a very difficult thing to pull off - there were always people coming in, and it took quite some time to pull off. Marty worked at a Speedway at the time - and we tried to get the video surveillance tape from this store (it was just south of Columbus in Grove City) but were never able to.
They came into the station the following week to get their tickets but I never met them. I would hope they would contact me through the site - but something tells me they'd like to remaing anonymous. Oh well, if you're out there - my email is on the front page of my site.