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Entry #48
What a weird night. Crazy Food Boy once again tries valiantly to piss off a cashier and literally the funniest thing happens. He gives the guy a $1 bill and then when he gets the change swears it was a $10 bill. He was certain this would cause a helluva scene...
...if the cashier had even had a $10 bill in the register. L.M.A.O. How funny is that. The cashier finally picked up the register and said: "Real funny kid, there isn't even a $10 in the register." Yeah, that kind of ends the argument.

Then in a second attempt these two guys that are with him play the "Vaseline Boys" and talk about smearing vaseline on each other's asses and then hand money to the cashier that is smeared with vaseline. But still - no reaction? We really were at our wits end. What do you have to do to really get someone pissed?