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Entry #45
This is so embarrassing it's funny. Heh. I left the last Boyles in a cliffhanger and not only didn't know how to end it - I barely cared anymore because as I've said, CD101 just wasn't the home for these episodes.

Now one Tony Pazelt, my best friend at the station, had to ride his bike to work (it's a wonder every promotions person at the station didn't have 20 DUIs) and I was messin with the wheel on his bike, spinning it really fast while it was upside down and stopping it with my finger. Kinda sounded like a "sonic fart" and that goofy little sound effect wrote an entire Boyles episode.
I didn't say it wrote a good episode, but I was hurtin' for Boyles material. Farts are semi-amusing though, and I still chuckle a bit at this one.
The thing that is very nice about this episode was the birthday surprise, and that's because Jess, Marty and the late show crew totally surprised me the week before on my birthday while I was in the studio by setting up the cake and presents in the eating area and then bringing me out, totally catching me off-guard. Marty made me the coolest thing too:
This wood carved thingee that is just awesome. And how did I repay him? On the drive home while he was holding the cake, I sped up and slammed on the breaks repeatedly trying to get him to smash his face into it. In my life, I have never laughed so hard - and thank GOD there were no police around. Damn Moose managed keep it steady the whole time. Don't know how he did it.