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Entry #44
And Crazy Food Boy strikes again...
Just his luck, he goes to Big Bear to do this bit and sees some people he used to work with that wanted to kill him. I think he repeats "this is not good" about 15 times. Listen to his voice closely, he's not fucking around. He was genuinely scared. I genuinely could give two shits because I'm trying to run a radio show and hey "Crazy Beat Up Boy" is just as Entertaining as "Crazy Food Boy". But he left and went to what I thought was another Big Bear...
But once the photos were developed I see it is indeed another Krogers. Man they just can't win can they?
Ha, that guy behind him is just like - "Let me pay now. Can I just swipe my card right here? Fuck this crazy egg dude..."
The most reaction you can hear is actually Jess laughing - the cashier was pretty silent this time. Crazy Food Boy knew the guy, Gary, 'cause he shopped here often. Wonder if he ever went back?
I'm so envious of the people that got to see these things live. It's so lonely sitting in the studio missing out on all the fun. It's why my recollection of The Late Show and Marty's are really two different things. He got to see everything first hand.
Unlike the milk bit, they didn't mess around this time - they called security and the cops within minutes and they all had to jump into the car to make a fast getaway. Oh and yes when I say "all" I do mean "all". Listener Bits were getting quite popular and everyone wanted to be a part of it...
I can't remember who that dude was with his hands all over Jessica, but I was a little jealous when I saw this. Ha. Anyway, this pic was obviously taken before the bit as they literally ran as fast as possible when the cops were comin'. Still, no one got arrested. :-(