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Entry #43
This, was ballsy. I was scared just holding the camera.
I can't believe no one ever tried this before honestly. It's a great mind-fuck because listening to the bit you can imagine just how friggin' ANGRY those people would be in that theater. I really can't believe we did this and even more surprising is that no one ran after us.

Unfortunately my goddamn videocamera's autofocus went out tonight of all nights so the video is basically ruined. These stills are just about the only things even remotely in focus but since this was a radio bit - it didn't really matter, the audio was fine.
It was my first foray into personally doing these bits since we did it before the show and I gotta tell you - it was an unbelieveable rush. My heart was racing so goddamn much before hand and when I ran at the end I was pumped so full of adrenaline I could've ran up a wall. I understood why people were doing these bits sometimes even without any incentive of prizes. It's pretty fun.

When it aired we got calls from people who said they were in the theater and actually someone worked at this AMC (Lennox) theater saying they had to give half of the theater their money back. Ouch. I felt somewhat guilty about this, but it really makes for great radio as I said because - you feel the theater's anger. You're sitting in your car going:  "They did not just do that." It keeps you listening.

We tried it again with "Message in A Bottle" and right as we stood up a Marines commercial came on and drowned us out. Damnit. That was our sign that it was time to stop doing this. That and it's just a shitty thing to do. Heh. But Urban Legends and Message in a Bottle were kinda suck ass movies. I could never do this to a movie I actually liked. This will have karmic effect on me sometime in the future I know it. Either it'll happen to me - or it'll happen to a movie I'm in...whatever. But I will get mine at some point.