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Entry #42
Nothin' but smiles here. A girl, who was actually a friend of Jessica, gave me a love-poem that was just so bad... that I had to make a bit out of it. Once again proving there are no original ideas, this is a bad impression of Eddie Murphy's "Velvet Jones" from Saturday Night Live.
i want you,
i want to be close...close enough to touch
i want to touch all of you, you and your body,
your body on mine,
our sweat combines,
combines as our bodies form one solid form,
joined at the mouth as our tongues dance and fight,
biting and sucking...
i'm horny - i want you
united at our hips
as you thrust into me
further into my body until i hurt but damn, i like it
do it again, we go again, this time we form unity
you ride like the sun doesn't set
your rhythm keeps me going
hair in my face, sweat on my breasts
i'm on top, up and down, in and out
i like the way we feel together,
enjoying everything i've got to offer,
almost there - you cringe, yes! once more in and out! down,
it came - lust and sex but there was no love,
that comes next time...
Crazier is that I read this live on the air and randomly picked this music which ended up being perfect. The song even climaxes when the poem does. I swear it was totally live and random. It became a long-running bit with people sending in their own "Sincerely Bad Poetry" to be included on the show. Too funny.
Sincerely Bad Poetry became such a hit with listeners a fansite popped up highlighting it...
I know it's kind of mean because someone poured their hearts into these pieces and here we are chastising them on the air...but oh well, it's funny. Just wait'll you hear the last one. Greatest ever.