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Entry #40
And Crazy Food Boy goes from guy wanting tickets to just wanting to perform for The Late Show. I gave him some CDs, but it's clearly not why he did this. This bit is special for a few reasons...
1) This was the Krogers on E. North Broadway and High that I shopped at regularly, so I knew the specific cashier and saw him several times after this incident and just felt bad.
2) If you listen closely he goes "I don't think you understand" and the cashier says "Yeah, yeah I understand..." Ha. No really dude, you don't understand. Heh.
3) It is the premiere of Marty's infamous words: "Awww, man he's doin' it!" which would soon become legend as damn near the only thing he said during the bits. I guess in the moment it can be hard to come up with adjectives - but "he's doing it" does little for those in the car hearing this on the radio. Always trying to be aware of the listener, especially since I was one too at this point.

Good times. Wish we had video or even pics of this. Never occured to us at the time, but we did get some pics of his next trip to Krogers...