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Entry #37
I was going through an old show tape and I was so happy I had this. Nearly delirious. Proof! I mean other than taping him yelling at me personally (ouch, that brought up a helluva secret - more someday) - having Jack say this was just as good.
Yes, Andy and I went at it. I think we actually liked it. He's such a big man, and so friggin' loud and imposing - and I didn't budge. I'd yell just as loud and we would literally blow the house down. There was always a bit of a smirk in it, but he really did get pissed at me. I don't know what it was man. I should ask him. But Jack's right - he would "call" to Jack and SCREEEEAM to me for things that were pretty minor. Spots discrep (play incorrectly) sometimes, it happens - and he just went NUTS.
Granted, he got heat for me and spent a lot of time sticking up for me. I think that's why he would get so aggrivated. The sales people for some reason hated that I came in at 11 AM on Fridays. I never understood that. It allowed them to submit their commercials (usually a 4 PM deadline) as LATE as they wanted 'cause I was there until 6 AM. That's a 19 hour day folks. But more than that - I just pushed the limits. Bottom line. And not a whole lot of people stood up to Andyman and I hope he actually respected me for that.
At the end of the day, I love Andyman. I loved our relationship because we held no punches and the end result was always better for it. He yelled because he was passionate and so was I. I wonder who makes his blood boil these days?