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Entry #33
I smile for those working these drive-thrus as much as for the people involved in the bits. For those with any sense of humor, this has to be a funny day to them.
Tommy wanted tickets to Aerosmith, and I told him to go to 3 different drive-thrus and when they asked him what he wanted to say "I'd like to have sex with you." I figured their reactions would be priceless and entertaining to me. They were. Some were quite pissed off however and again, I just don't get it. The first chicks had the right idea. Lighten up - it's the middle of the night and you're workin' the drive-thru. This is funny. Heh.
I secretly hoped someone would get arrested through our stunts but no one did. The last one was kind of scary. I was hoping he would get a guy that he had to ask. Ha. Tommy certainly had some balls to do it...
Oh and that last part: "If you don't ask how are you ever gonna receive?" Yeah, there's a story there... :-)