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Entry #29
How awesome is this song. Again, here I go with the theme...
I was checking though nearly every song we had on our harddrives for something parody-worthy and this literally does the entire song instrumental to start it off. Also a fun song to sing - great little harmonies.
Saleswoman Christi Bambeck helped out with the dialogue throughout and did a killer job. It's just a nice little piece and I love how it keeps the listener hooked from the beginning because the guy is such a dolt. You know the chick is gonna blow up at some point.
My one aggrivation is not saying "gay" in the last line. It woudl've rhymed - and although I thought of it while recording it, I thought it was better to have a word that didn't rhyme so I said "lesbian". Everytime I hear it now I sing "gay" because it's just the right thing to do. Oh well. I won't go all Lucas on you and change it now. It is what it is.
"Hey honey, what's wrong?"
"Adam, we need to talk,"
"(sigh) I don't know where to start, this is hard to tell you, but, you've been great, first of all I wanna say you've been great, it's been, everything's been great. I'm just gonna say it. I'm in love with a woman Adam."
"Wow, uhm is that it?"
"Uh yeah..."
"Oh that's, that's great hun, there's nothin' wrong with that."
"No Adam, I don't think you're gettin' this...I'm in love with a woman!"
"No I get it"
Honey you're acting strange today,
I've been wonderin' why,
You say it's 'cause you're in love with her,
And that it's makin' you cry,
Well it's A-OK that you're bi,
Yes it makes my day that you're bi,
There's no need to be stressin' out,
And you don't have to lie,
Don't have to break it off with her,
I'm an understanding guy,
Babe it's A-OK that you're bi,
Yes it makes my day that you're bi,
So feel free to invite her here,
There's no need to be shy,
What is love if you cannot share,
But don't expect any guys,
"No Adam, no guys, just me, myself in love with a woman, herself"
"That's, that's great! And myself thinks that's just... it's 'cause it's a fantasy and that,"
"No, Adam, Adam - LISTEN TO ME, you're not getting this..."
"I get it, I get it don't worry."
Babe it's A-OK that you're bi,
Yes it makes my day that you're bi,
I hope this shows that I'm there for you,
And you're both there for me too,
God I can't wait to meet your friend,
There's so much that we can do,
Yes it's A-OK that you're bi,
Oh babe it makes my day that you're bi,
"Adam I'm a lesbian, I am not bisexual"
"Oh, oh well, well that sucks. Can I at least watch? Hey, hey wait, wait! Don't...maybe we can work...Well SCREW YOU then, write this whole damn song. That doesn't rhyme with goodbye! What the hell do you want me to sing now? I'm real happy you're a lesbian? Damnit"
Babe it's A-OK you're a lesbian,
But I really wish you were bi...