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Entry #28
Ahh, there has to be a reason I'd choose another Red Zone spot here...
This was the commercial Jess heard that made her come to the swing night on Thursday, September 17th where we met for the first time. Now although this is the same commercial, the locations changed weekly - the night we met was the "Swing for the kids" at Banana Joes. I invited her to the studio the following night and, this is awesome, Marty actually turned her away. !!!!
You know I'm embarrassing you here man. So Jess comes asking if "Andy" is there 'cause she forgot my name. Marty's like - nope, sorry. WTF? Ha. She finally emailed Andyman and he forwarded it to me. We met up that Sunday, a month later we moved in together and the rest is history. Here's our first pic together: