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Entry #4
It's a funny thing being the voice of a station. I mean it was as good a fit as any considering my creativity but it's still crazy to hear yourself wrapped around nearly every song and commercial.
And talk about freedom - it just has to sound cool was the direction. So you climb into your little cave full of sound effects and magical voice buttons and come out with some bumpers. Nothing like grabbing some soundbites from South Park and before you know it - you're a Production Director!
These were the fun moments as Production Director. They would soon be overshadowed by deadlines, pissy salesman, and a screaming Program Director who was 3 times your size. Oh and being woken up at 3 AM because the monkey running the board is too lazy to find a spot. For cryin' out loud Rudy.
Oh and since there's no other place to put this pic, and I find it one of the funniest ever - I'll throw it here:
It took me 5 times looking at this picture before I even realized I'm in the background. LOL. That's the legendary "Fritz the Night Owl" of Columbus Late Night TV fame, and with him is Julie, an intern at the station. There's just nothing more to say. Ha. It was a widely circulated rumor that Fritz had one of the biggest porn collections this side of the Mississippi. This photo does little to contradict his expertise at oggling the female figure. God I love this pic.