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...with Fox & the Hound mixed in for the tears.
9:21 PM, Sunday, December 23rd, 2001:
The true amazement of what must've occured in J-Dog's life the past 4 1/2 months is starting to hit home. And from the title you can see I'm poking fun at the "pitch" mentality of this town. Something always has to meet something else. The Trinitrons will probably be pitched as "The Klumps" meets "The Monkees"...(shiver). But first, a bit of an update.
J-Dog will not be living with us. Because of Edna's big heart, and Bob's big teeth, J-Dog will be ruling the roost in the complex - OUTSIDE my apartment in the Rec Room. I'll still feed him and give him love, but unfortunately - keeping him inside is not an option. J-Dog actually got out of the little hallway I had him in, and what preceeded to happen between him and Bob was easily the most frightening thing I've ever seen/heard in a long time. At that point we decided to just get J-Dog the HELL outside - as he'd been a freakin' wreck for 5 hours in the house. Amazingly, within 5 minutes of being outside - he was the lovey pup I've always known. He found a nice warm spot in the rec room, and we went up to talk to Edna. She actually brought up just letting him stay outside, and thank GOD. There were very few options. He's only normal when not confined, and had we taken him to the humane society - they'd put him down within a week. And christ if that was gonna be the end result - I would just go do that myself, so I could at least hold the pup as he went. It looks like all of that can be avoided. So now he's chillin' in his new home, drinkin' out of the pool again, and generally being the happiest animal on the planet. The journey he must've taken to find his way back...absolutely amazing. And now...
To the BASTARD that took him,
What part of his harness, didn't you understand? Did you not realize those 7 digits were a phone number? Did you not comprehend that he must be loved if he has his OWN GODDAMN website on his tags? And what on EARTH made you think you should take off his harness, put on your own COLLAR, and try to keep him? And then, when he drove you so nuts when you tried to keep him inside, why didn't you just call that number?! You just let him go. And how freakin' far away were you that he couldn't find his way back for 4 1/2 months? I'll tell you one thing you did right. You didn't put your name or number on the collar he had on. Smart move asshole. There's about 5 guys in this apartment building who would HAPPILY have made a visit with me to discuss what transpired since August 5th.
Sorry 'bout that. Needed to get that out of my system. So what was Wednesday a freakish nightmare, can now be considered a wonderful mircale as he can happily live in the rec room, and we can all marvel at a truly amazing journey. It's still somewhat of a twilight zone episode. I mean J-Dog looks like he was dead. Though he's skinnier, his fur is thick as hell. I guess that's a defense mechanism when you're outside so long. That and a healthy helping of DIRT. And of course the smell. It still feels like a scene out of Pet Cemetery. And of course the Cast Away allusion because we've all moved on. We "buried" J-Dog, and waited as long as we thought was possible for him to come back - and then got another cat. Then he appears. Ha.
Oh and the "Fox & the Hound" reference is for Bob and J. Once inseperable friends, time turns them into enemies. Even when we get J-Dog smellin' better, I'm afraid they'll never be able to be around each other. But Bob and Hijack are fine, and J-Dog has always been a loner. Even in the "Hitmen" video from January 2001, J-DOG caught that bird...Bob tried to look important. It was all J.
The past 4 days have been a constant battle to not spend every second in the rec room petting J-Dog. He's so happy to be petted, and I'm so happy to pet him. It's really like getting a second chance with a relative you thought was dead. You want to spend every possible second with him. I don't even care about the stench (which now 4 baths can't even touch)...apparently tomoato paste is the answer of all things. I'll be trying that out in a few days. But man, I just can't spend enough time with him. I want so badly to bring him in. It just can't happen. Even if Bob and J-Dog were fine with each other, eventually we'd have to let J-Dog out - and then we'd start the indoor/outdoor thing, and it's impossible doing that with just one of your 3 cats. So he's gotta stay in the rec room. :-( And boy has he stayed there! Sleeping like crazy. Another amazing thing is that he is BARELY eating. He's had the same bowl of cat food for over 3 days. He used to go through 2 of them BY HIMSELF a day, so he's obviously learned to ration pretty well.
He hasn't forgotten about lickin' toes though (thus the J-Dog sequel). That's back with a vengeance as well as some great ear love. And it's constant. Every second is spent "MAKING OUT". LOL. He rubs all over me for hours, as if he can't get comfortable. It's been like this since Wednesday. It really breaks my heart. God what he's been through.
Yesterday he was sleepin' on me and jittering in his sleep...and then had this really big violent type reaction to something in his ream and JUMPED out of his sleep. He saw me, and was alright and curled back up. I wanted so badly to PUMMEL the bastard that took him. You just know that in those 4 1/2 months he was subjected to some bad shit. If only that collar had a name on it. Wow. Actually, it really is good it didn't. I have no doubt that it would get ugly.
In career news, there's quite a little development. Charlotte finally up and called Mitzi from the Comedy Store. After such an amazing show where we made them sooooo much money, Belinda won't return Charlotte's calls. Mitzi seemed absolutely shocked. She couldn't understand why we weren't rebooked and said she would get to the bottom of this very soon. That was 5 days ago, and I'm assuming that with the holidays - we'll probably have to wait until January to pick this up again. Goddamn city just shuts down from the 17th-4th. :-( But it's incredible nonetheless. I wonder what the hell's gonna happen here. As well, I'm still not sure if I have that "after Xmas show" yet. If I do I'll have at least one more entry before the 2001 round-up. Otherwise - the year is over! Incredible. And even more incredible...
9 straight? Huh? They were 2-9. Now they're 14-12 and 2 wins away from FIRST PLACE in the east. That's ASTOUNDING. I know it's early - but holy horseshit this is unheard of. It's the biggest winning streak in Washington history - and after the start they had, it's truly the most improbable turnaround I've ever seen. It's really gonna make for an exciting season, lemme tell ya. Yes, Jordan's shot is WAY off. He's shooting 40% - but he's making everyone better. What can't this man do. (shoot 50% - lol). Anyway - he's on TNT playing in North Carolina on Wednesday - check it out.
Merry Christmas everyone. Eat, drink, be merry.
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