ENTRY #161
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4:01 PM, Wednesday, December 19th, 2001:
Exactly 4 months and 2 weeks later...guess who's back. And there is TUUURRRROUBLE in the Kontras Household. At 2 PM I hear Edna (apartment manager) calling my name. I was asleep (I finally got to bed around 7 after finishing that entry) - and I stumbled outside.
"Is that J-Dog?" Edna asked.
I look around the corner and he's rubbin' all over the ground letting James (the resident chillin' older dude out here) pet him. He had a strange red collar on and I walked up to him and said "J-Dog" but he didn't really respond. He let me pet him and he seemed quite happy. Amazingly dirty, no longer fat, and smells like absolute shit. This pissy bathroom smell. He let me pick him up and all was cool.
Now, I should've just stopped RIGHT there. I don't know why in GOD's name I thought it would be a good idea to just BRING him inside, but I had to get this animal into a bathtub - QUICKLY. He reeeeeked. Well I was shirtless, and BOB was a fuhREAKIN' maniac. He attacked me like CRAZY. They both went nuts hissin' and screamin' but Bob has this horrible CRY that is just frightening. And he was not attackin' J-Dog - he was attackin' ME. Jumped up and bit my side and leg REALLY good. I finally kicked him away and closed me and J-Dog into our bathroom. Still btichin' at each other through the door, I finally get out and seperate them even further. We luckily have a door seperating the 2 parts of our apartment.
Of course now J-Dog is "I'm at the VET" J-Dog. But the funny thing is, is how little J-Dog is in comparison to Bob. I could pick J-Dog up and control him. I let him chill for about 45 minutes and finally went in and gave him 3 baths. Yup. THREE. And he is still one filthy little bitch. I mean the BLACKNESS of the water was just incredible. Then I'd drain it, and refill it and again - completely black. This will take a few weeks I'm sure. During the bath he was "ok" he was still cryin' and moanin' but it's almost as if he remembered that. The stench is still there though. If you were to lay on the ground in a men's bathroom at the Ohio State Fair, and sniff as HARD as you could - you'd understand the stench that is J-Dog right now. And that's after three baths.
The video is pretty self-explanatory of course. But man, listen to Bob. Isn't that horrific? I've never heard such a sound. And until we can get that stench off of J-Dog, there isn't a chance in hell this is gonna work. Bob is still hissin' and cryin when he smells me. I know I have to give it a couple of days, but even in the BEST of times J-Dog was not an indoor cat. He cried for 6 straight months until FINALLY Edna allowd me to let him out. And damnit if it wasn't just perfect. Now all this. So what the hell happened?
Well, I'm pretty sure what happened. As you may remember from the entry in August, he was well tagged. With a phone number a website an adress - EVERYTHING. He did however get outside the complex, but always came back at night. ALWAYS. I figure someone saw him, and assumed he wasn't being taken care of because he was always roamin' the streets. That or they saw his tag and just figured he'd be a good house cat. Well they took his ass far away. I knocked on every damn door in this neighborhood for weeks. After a week or so, they most likely realized that this wasn't gonna happen. You can't keep this cat inside - he'll drive you NUTS. They probably just let him go. This cat certainly was not kept inside for very long. The stench alone would keep that from happening. He probably spent the better part of 4 months trying to get back here. 136 days. WOW.
Of course, we already replaced him. As shitty as it sounds, that's what Hijack was. He was a replacement pet for Bob, because Bob was miserable without J-Dog. Now, it's a freakin' nightmare. Hijack isn't as spooked as Bob though. He doesn't enjoy the screaming, but he just wants to know what's behind the door. Bob however is ready to kill. And unfortunately, because of J-Dog's age (and smell), I'm not realy sure this is gonna happen. I will try my damndest to give it a week. But I'm afraid there's just no real solution here. I'm NOT openin' that window again. This is an inside family period.
I know I should look at this as somewhat of a miracle with Christmas and all, but man this is bad. Bob's been extremely BITEY lately anyway and snaps at people really quick. This is just gonna add to that. It just really doesn't seem like this will have a happy ending for any of the pets involved. But it certainly is dramatic. And that's what you all paid to see right?!! I mean I shouldn't really be shocked, my life is a movie afterall right? Of course J-Dog would come back after 19 1/2 weeks! This is Hollywood!
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