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4:34 AM, Wednesday, December 19th, 2001:
Whew. That's exactly what I needed. Add in some other big news to a great night - and the swagger that Aspen kidnapped is back. Of course I'm never gonna be pre-Aspen Adam unless something monumental occurs, but the tightrope walk has a bit more bounce in it. As always, I'll start from the beginning...
So this is the Ha-Ha. A predominently black crowd. So for Cameron's opening - I make many jokes about the black crowd. Being that we're an all white singing group...so on. Definitely good for some laughs. I then find out that it will not be a black crowd....it'll be a mixed crowd. Well shit. Not like I can redo it since I already shaved. I figured I'd make a last second decision on whether to play it or skip it. Ended up I hade to completely skip it. ONE black dude in the whole joint and he's my neighbor for cryin' out loud. LOL. All that freakin' work for nothing. Ugh. I do Cameron's opening on a green screen and it's pretty render-intensive. For each show - it's probably about 10-12 hours of work just for the little 3 minute opening. Grrrr.
I ended up going onstage around 9:30 PM. We got word from Grace Wu from NBC earlier in the day that she'd be there and we held up the show as long as we could - but she was't able to make it. I was bummed at first because she wanted to see the show before our meeting, but I'm pretty sure she'll set up the meeting now just on the tape seeing as she's missed 2 shows now. It's all completely positive in the end, I'd just like her to see live what it was she was fighting for in the Aspen meeting. We did however have a guy from FOX there, as well as a guy who books acts for The Troubadour. Thinks I'd be a great opener for a rock act. I ($$) couldn't ($$) agree ($$) more ($$). That's the only way I'm doing it of course. A little $$. As well Bryan Foley (an old highschool chum and JIMBO from CD101's brother) brought a segment producer from Good Morning America. Coooooooool.
The show was quite nice. Great reaction, very fun - and man oh man did the other comics and the owner love it. To a pretty astounding degree. First off, the Chris Tucker night in January is a given. It's gonna happen. Every Wednesday is a "Def Comedy Jam" night with big names, and it's where Tucker was seen by Charlotte last Wednesday. Eddie Murphy has also appeared at it a few times. It certainly isn't a set, booked thing for these names - but it is certainly the norm, and they usually know a few days in advance who'll pop-up.
That's just the beginning though. The owner wants me to have my own night. Period. He not only wants a night for me when he puts my name on the big ass marquee outside...he wants my picture with the monitors on the marquee like they do in VEGAS. You know those big ass marquees of Siegfried & Roy? Yup. Those. How cool would that be. Of course as I've said over and over, my goal is not THIS show. Having my own night every week would not work. These shows are industry showcases. On the other hand, exposure is exposure and I would love to play for brand new crowds. That's why it's in my best interest to do this Wednesday night thing. It's a totally different crowd. That doesn't mean I won't be doing my own nights there, but they'll have to be few and far between. I know this guy wants to build up his venue, and I'm certain I can help him - but there has to be balance. Luckily - Charlotte is a badass in this category and I can rest assured.
As well, the emcee and booker at The Ha-Ha, Art, is booking a show for the day after Xmas and wants me to be a part of it as he eluded to in the video. It looks like this won't be my last show of the year oddly enough. And holy shit...actual money. I haven't made money on a 4tvs act since December of 1999. Heh. That should be cool. And speaking of making money on 4tvs...
Charlotte gave my tape to a booking agent awhile back and the guy loved it. He wants me to be the opening act for Bobcat Goldthwait for his 5 California dates from January to March. He's doing a college tour. Can you believe that shit? First of all, can you believe that this is the SEVENTH paragraph of an entry? A year ago this would've been a month of my neurotic over-analysis. Amazing. It's the swagger baby - I now EXPECT this shit to happen. Bobcat however does have final approval of his openers and we'll see what he thinks of the tape. I really don't think there'll be a problem. Now if I open one show, and get a reallly - really - really good reaction... I would venture to say I won't be opening for him again. LOL. It's kind've a fine line. My gut tells me he'll think it's funny and be cool with it. The fact that his booking agent digs it is a good sign. I don't believe he'd want something that would make his client look bad. Anyway, it's a GREAT development that could bring several thousands into the "ADAM made $0.00 in 2001" Fund. That's right folks. $0.00. Heh.
Probably the nicest thing out of Monday was the incredible respect I got from the other comics and employees there. I felt a little "pissiness" from some of the comics after the Mixed Nuts Show....but these guys were nothin' but cool. Asked if they could open for me whenever I play, asked how I did some of the stuff. They were generally excited about seeing something so fresh. I was really taken aback. Now the comics that went on AFTER me...well - they probably aren't too happy with me. LOL. The place just cleared. I mean, it is by every definition of the cliche, "a hard act to follow". The flow of "The Trinitrons" leaves the audience a bit spent when it's over. It'd be like having the short at the END of a Pixar movie. Just doesn't work. Of course that kind've begs the question of why the hell Bobcat would want me to open for him huh... well THAT actually is a bit different. He has well over an hour of material - and they are ther TO SEE HIM. Yeah - I'll be able to divert attention for a moment - but they ain't LEAVIN' after me...they came to see him. But I won't be horribly suprised if he's like: "AAAHHHH! Uhm...Uhhhh he's not going on before me AHHHH!!!" I sure hope you know who the hell Bobcat is. That was funny.
So what once looked to be the dreariest of months, ends up being quite eventful. The best part being, 2002 is gonna start with sharing a stage with Chris Tucker, Bobcat Goldthwait - a meeting with the VP of Comedy Development at NBC...and things I can't even dream of yet. This is exactly what I needed right now. Aspen may have been a good slap of reality - but when I turned the other cheek I found my grimace to be in vein. This is gonna happen, and it's gonna happen soon.
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