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...and laugh while you bleed.
2:27 AM, Thursday, October 25th, 2001:
Let me first say I asked Charlotte for the first time how I should approach this entry, and she said "just be honest" - so whew. My amazing streak of frank, open, sincere honesty continues. I'm just waiting for the day when I feel forced to spin something for the betterment of my career and I can't be comPLETEly truthful. What I think I will do in these situations, is write the entry and post a blank page and explain it's a piece that will be put in later. In fact with some recent events I could almost do that. Hmmm... Get ready for some blank entries soon. So here we go.
The show was awesome. The crowd reaction was outstanding, and the owner of the club afterwards was so amazingly enamored with it, I was blown away. The bad part was...
...my dick was hanging out the whole time.
I'm so just kidding. LOL. Just wanted to make sure you were payin' attention. Man, bet I would get some crowd reaction then... ANYWAY:
No one showed. All of the RSVPs were no shows. I mean people actually called the hotline, left messages about who they were and how many in their party and then no one showed up. Through voicemail and email, we had around 35 FOR SURE coming, and a few more that we were pretty certain would be there....so expecting 50+ EASY. It just didn't happen.
Now it wasn't actually empty. Charlotte's sister brought some friends, and I had a few people from my apartment complex come out, but as I've mentioned numerous times before...these shows are for industry. Amazingly though, for about 15 people, the laughing was incredible. It was loud. Spencer saying cock still gets screams... LOL. God love Spencer. I couldn't be happier with how the show was, and how the reaction was...but good GOD I felt bad for Charlotte. I know she's pissed. I mean REALLY pissed. In essence, it's somewhat of a wasted show. To get that industry buzz rolling, SOMEBODY in the industry has to have seen it. If it's just friends, that's cool and it'll help keep an audience, but it won't create that "buzz" we need.
I on the other hand am not too worried, as the reaction is SO overwhelming that I know it doesn't really matter. Industry will be at the Comedy Store in 3 weeks no matter what. The people that screwed us over tonight will certainly get a nice "phone call" or visit today from Charlotte and should feel a bit of "I owe ya..." which is always nice. And the people that were there were thoroughly excited. The whopper of course being the owner Enns. Cool name man. "Some people would rob their mother's for the Enns...." heh.
First of all, Enns is black. And acceptance from a black guy, to me, is second only to sex. I don't get it, don't know where it came from, don't know why I feel this way, but I have always wanted to be considered anywhere NEAR as cool as a black guy. I honestly believe that black guys are the coolest people on the planet. They walk cooler, talk cooler, sing cooler, look cooler...COOLER. So when this guy comes up to me and says:  "I loved the part when G says: "I'm gonna beat your BITCH ASS" and he mimics the black slang that I USED...it's so flattering, I can't even tell you. The fact that he said: "You're gonna be a celebrity, you do realize that don't you" is nice, and I could only reply with "thank you"...but I was much more enamored that I didn't offend him with G. In fact he thought G was a cool guy. And the other black guys there felt the same way. They loved G. That means, I actually pulled it off. As G, I'm probably one of the few white guys on the planet who could say "nigga" in a rap song, and no one would budge. I of course DID NOT say "nigga" in the rap song. LOL. There was one part I had written it in... but I said "Man, please..." instead of "nigga please...". I just didn't see any reason to risk it.
Now of course, I'm realizing that in the midst of that rap I could easily have said it and I bet 1/2 the people would never have even budged. For that moment, I am a black guy, rapping about killing Adam. In fact I'm gonna throw up a full screen version of that part to show you what I'm talking about. It's pretty cool.
Anyway, this guy said he's owned many Comedy clubs...even The Laugh Factory in Chicago, and was blown away. He said he will get a bunch of industry at the Comedy Store on the 12th. He couldn't stop talking about it. He shook his head at my prospects. "It's just to unique to not blow up here..." Basically saying, "get ready, I've seen a lot of talent and you're head and shoulders above the rest of the pack - your time is coming very quickly."
The night ended with Jess, Charlotte and I goin' to Dennys. Same table and booth where Charlotte first described what a development deal was back in March. 7 months later, she actually explained even more about holding/development deals that I was incorrect about. Apparently a FUCKload more money than I originally thought. It's so inconceivable to me really. But, I'm realizing really fast just how quickly this is coming together. I mean, it's truly down to weeks until I'll be able to write about whether I make it to Aspen. The absolute foregone conclusion to Charlotte, will soon be concluded by mid-December. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
"I'm so excited I can barely sit still to keep a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel. A free man at the start of a long journey. Whose conclusion is uncertain..."
That's life. As this 2 year "journey" starts to wind down...there will be another one waiting. I will never be stagnant. I will never rest on my laurels. I will always strive to do it better than anyone else has ever dreamed, and strive to do things no one has ever done. Hallelujah. Holy Shit.
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