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1:35 PM, Wednesday, October 24th, 2001:
LOL. I assure you the title will make sense in a few moments.
First off, tonight is the very first public show of Adam and The Trinitrons...

People have been asking me if I'm nervous and honestly, I'm not at all. It may have something to do with the fact that I just over-prepare to a fault. I think when you're not prepared, that's when you get nervous. I'm just FREAKIN' EXCITED. Hell YEEAH. It's about time...

The flyer is actually one mistake after another. First of all I didn't wanna show what The Trinitrons turn INTO because it's like giving away a secret of the show, but now I realize it doesn't matter. No way someone's gonna remember that flyer once the show starts. As well Adam, is not right at ALL. But that'll all change on the flyer for the next show. I'm playing the Comedy Store on November 12th. Giddy-up.

It's actually been a few days of complete craziness for that gig. There's 3 rooms at The Comedy Store. The big-mo-fo, Main Stage, the original room, and the belly room. Belly holds maybe 30, original 125-150, and Main Stage up to 500. There was a chance of playing THE BIG ONE, but as it stands it shall be the original room. Hell it could be the coat room as long as it's the comedy store, right? More on that as we get closer.
But tonight is Mixed Nuts and the official start of the buzz I hope. I can't imagine seeing the show and not telling friends about it. And most of all, the industry people talking is crucial. An unknown will never draw a lot of industry, but mysterious buzz will. That flyer alone certainly leads to that. I mean had you not known anything about 4tvs, wouldn't that flyer be the strangest thing you've ever seen? I sure hope so.
I've also completely changed the ending to the show. The only place it dragged was the last song: Washin' Up The Genitals. It's more a product of Spencer's set kicking so much ass, but either way - it has now been cut in half. Live Adam actually unplugs everything right when it stops being funny - LOL. Good timing. Of course if Bob Saget says yes, then I'll have to change it AGAIN. But it's gonna make for some cool extras on the DVD when I have about 5 different endings huh? LOL. Leave it to me to spend another 3 straight days trying to make it a TINY bit better. As I said, over-prepared. Also got the new Cameron opening done...good lord it's a lot of work to personalize the opening for EVERY SHOW...it'll pay off though.
In other news, you'd be amazed at what can grow in 6 weeks. We finally got Bob a kitten who was oddly enough born on September 11th. No, we didn't name the cat Osama.
We named him Hijack.
LOL. And they are instant friends. Bob is amazingly happy. Fighting him, grooming him, watching him. It truly is what Bob needed since J-Dog went missing. Strangely enough, Hijack looks like J-Dog...just 6 weeks old. Sometimes Bob seems a bit to anxious for a friend though...
HAHA. Hijack is so tolerent.
It's not all Bob though, got some great video of Hijack looking desperately for Bob's nipples. Heh. That's what big brothers are for I guess.
So for now, I'm off to run through the show one more time, and then it's showtime. Hopefully I'll have some video and an entry up by Friday. As well some more info on The Comedy Store show...could have a pretty big opener for me. It's quite an exciting time.
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