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...you're gay.
2:04 PM, Sunday, October 14th, 2001:
HAHAHAHAHA. God that picture's funny.
Actually, that has nothing to do with this entry, LOL, but when I saw the title next to that picture...it just clicked. HA! Anyway, Spencer does have quite a bit to do with the success of The Trinitrons and what it is that I need to accept. So here's another long entry with some truly incredible situations arising:
It's getting harder and harder to determine the details that make this evolution happen. It seems every week I feel I've changed a bit, but I'm not sure that I've said enough in the entries to show what it is that triggers the changes. That of course is what "The Journey" is all about. An opportunity to watch an evolution LIVE, without bias, and see the specific crossroads that change who I am. I'm a reporter, not a biographer. I can only control my life, and then report that on these entries.
In the two weeks since the first performance I have slowly allowed myself to accept that I can't lose. I may say it from time to time, but actually accepting it in the deepest part of your being is where the true transformation takes place. I am now preparing myself for the choices that lie ahead in the next 6 months. For once, truly accepting that an offer from Saturday Night Live is probable, and that the networks will easily be interested as well. Difficult choices will have to be made, and either choice will have an amazingly positive financial repercussion. It's unthinkable really. Had you asked me a year ago if I wanted to be on SNL I'd have handed you my left nut and moved to New York, now I'm thinking if that's the best move for my career. HUH!??!?! LOL. So why such a change?
Watching people's reactions over the tape the past 2 weeks has simply blown me away. I never imagined people would CHEER for Gary when he raps about killing Adam. That people would love Spencer's set THAT much. What I thought was a pretty impressive show, seems to be capable of breaking down just about every door in this city. The sky really is the limit, and I need to accept that I'm a big fish in a HUGE pond if I want to succeed. Believing anything else is detrimental. Feeling "lucky" to get an offer from SNL will HURT me. I need to expect it, and as well, expect to weigh it's value against other offers.
It's really something I learned back in my WTVN days. A 19 year old kid doing talk radio with 40 somethings is overwhelming. And if you don't get over the: "I'm so lucky just to be here" feeling, you will be eaten up and spit out. I not only proved that I belonged at that station, to this day I feel "The Late Show" was best show they ever had. So now my show is "The Trinitrons", and my station is...whew. My station is the center of entertainment. Wow. And I feel just like I did at 19. Absolutely confident that what I have to offer is head and shoulders above the competition.
So now what? Well here's everything in the works at this moment:
-My first public performance is now set: October 24th at Mixed Nuts Comedy Club in Downtown LA. They call it a multi-cultural club...which means it's the Def Comedy Jam. LOL. Not exactly, but definitely a black audience - and I'm freakin' STOKED about it. First of all, I'm headlining somehow. You can thank Charlotte for that. There'll be 2-3 comics that go on before me leading up to "Adam & The Trinitrons". How cool is that. Charlotte is now working on getting representitives from "MAD TV" to come to the show. Again, these performances are to start the industry buzz before Aspen in late February, not to make money or specifically get exposure. The exposure is nice, certainly can't hurt, but it's the exposure to the insiders we need, not necessarily the public.
-In an effort to get another avenue to Saget (who still hasn't seen the tape, more later), Charlotte got the tape to the owner of the Laff Factory where Saget plays. Apparently the two are friends, and we figured he could talk Bob into it. Well after his assistant saw, he was amazed and said: "You are doing a showcase here, right?", and personally delivered it to the owner. Charlotte says we'll probably have a date confirmed there within the week. Whew. Just like that.
-Lorne Michaels, and the HBO Television Workspace. This may be the venue we invite the Aspen people to. Charlotte knows one of the Aspen people and they're talking about the best place to showcase it. Lorne Michaels apparently always frequents the one-man shows at the HBO workspace. It's a little 40 seat theater and it would most likely be 50-75% insudtry. Goddamn that's a big show.
-Saget. Whew, Saget. Well Charlotte called his house once again and Bob called his manager back rather pissed. He still hasn't seen anything and wanted to know why this psycho woman keeps leaving messages saying she's sent all this stuff that he's never seen. Apparently there's some confusion on who's handling what concenrning Bob and it's delaying everything. The manager called Charlotte and said they'll get him the stuff...just PLEASE stop calling him. LOL. This is so stupid. Ten bucks says he will see it live before he ever gets the tape. And stop thinking what you're thinking. It IS worth it to keep pursuing this. He makes the bit THAT much better: Trust me.
-The Comedy Store. I got 2 tapes to Gary before I left for Columbus, and haven't been able to run into him since. He left a message, but has been working like crazy. Basically, I can play anytime in one of the rooms other than the main stage. But I want the biggie. Once they see the tape, I have a feeling setting it up won't be a problem. Man, these are the biggest comedy clubs in the world...
-The Trinitrons hotline! Woo hoo. Charlotte is setting this up as we speak. The Trinitrons are gonna have their very own hotline that you can call up and see when they're performing next. It'll be set-up so we can see how many people call it before a show and get an idea of turnout. Freakin' cool man.
-Everything I have to do. Just when you think I'm done killing myself. I still need to create the entire trinitrons website, as well as the flyer for the upcoming shows. I have to rewrite and SHOOT the new ending of the SHOW by 24th, as well as make the new Cameron opening for Mixed Nuts. And I think I'm nuts for doing this. I'm gonna have a personalized opening to every show I do to prove that The Trinitrons are not taped. As it is, Cameron comes out and explains that Adam is running late and talks to the audience a bit. This'll be the same, except he'll mention the date and that he knows it's "Mixed Nuts" they're playing at. It's absolute suicide that I'm trying to do this especially since it's all green-screened, but that's what puts me ahead of the rest of 'em. No one in their right mind would attempt it.
And if you can believe it, when I got back from Ohio I started transferring all the WTVN Late Shows (in realtime) to my computer, and turning them into mp3s. As you may know, the new DVD players can play a CD-ROM with mp3 files on it. So get this: 12 hours of The Late Show on one disc. Isn't that insane?! I just made the first one, it's the final 4 Late Shows from February of 1998. It's absolutely incredible. As well, if you just want to make regular CDs, each show is seperated into 3 one hour tracks that you could easily burn onto a CD if you wanted. It's amazing, one mp3 disc takes the place of 12 CDs. God love technology. I'm really doing al lof this to save some space. The amount of videotapes I have for Late Shows is just insane. When I can get to the point where there's a bit of down time in between shows I'll be able to run through 'em. The hardest part has been getting my VCR to track the audio right. I may have to give in and buy a new one. Grrrr...
...which would be quite poetic as I bought my last VCR right when Michael Jordan came back in 1995. Ahh, I haven't said anything about his comeback yet have I. I wrote earlier in the year how I wished he'd stay away, but I soon realized how selfish that is. Who am I, the most ardent "follow your heart" man on the planet, to tell MJ don't play again. Because I liked his last ending?!?! LOL. This won't in any way tarnish the 6 rings. And honestly, going out on top means you left prematurely so no one could beat you. In my mind, you fight until you can fight no longer and then reflect on what you accomplished. Now MJ got somewhat forced out when the owners were amazingly disprespectful to Phil, so he didn't really have that opportunity. You know it's funny, when did leaving on top become revered? It's basically quitting. It's cowardly. I think Elway is the only one that quit on top ONLY because his body couldn't handle it anymore. He fought to the end. But we all know the Bulls could have won more championships if the Jerry Bros. in Chicago wouldn't have shit on Phil. Goddamn I can't wait to see Michael play in Chicago. Oh, and you better believe he's gonna suprise some people. Dude just had 18 points in the FIRST quarter last night. I predict they'll barely miss the playoffs this year (30-35 wins), get one big free agent next summer and pull off a 7th seed in the East with 45 wins. Remember, the rest of the team BLOWS. And I don't mean they aren't up to Jordan's standards, I mean they SUCK. It's gonna be a struggle. Opening night in New York 2 weeks from Tuesday. Hell yes.
Uhm, that's about it. Sunuva BITCH this is a long entry. Oh the video. Damnit. Uhm, here's another Trinitrons clip. God bless Spencer.
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