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4:57 AM, Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001:
I am so overcome with thoughts, I really can't imagine this being a cohesive entry. The only way I can sum up how I feel is this:
When I get on that plane tonight, and we all die, I won't be too bummed. LOL. Ya see, every single time I get on a plane I assume "this is it". Most of the time that sucks and there's things I wish I would've done. But not this time. Because if last night was my last performance, and the video I'm slaving over as we speak from last night is how people remember me...then I'm happy. I know it's horribly morbid and overly-dramatic - but hey, I actually do think like that every time I get on a plane.
Heh, a month ago Jess and I were ecstatic that this was a direct flight to Columbus (something we've never had before) - now it's just more fuel for the BOMB. LOL. Wow, I sure am tempting fate aren't I. Anyway - this is a Trinitron Chronicle...right?
And the final chronicle as well (barring a Bob Saget ammendment). Last night (to me anyway, I'm still awake at 5 AM) the public got to see what I saw nearly 2 months ago on my computer that made me pee my pants. It was that early morning when I woke up to an overnight render of the first 8 minutes of the show and got to watch it for the first time. Of course last night the final piece was added with Live Adam and The Trinitrons, 8 MONTHS after the entry in which we named them, came to life.
Of course to get to this point required an absolutely STOOPID amount of work. From the time I last wrote you until the performance I worked 18-20 hours a day everyday. And I BARELY made it. As I said in the previous Trinitron Chronicle I had everything done up to where Bob was to come in, so I needed to rework the alternate ending, do a final sound mix on it adding sound effects, voice-overs, and harmonies, then of course write and record the opening (where eveything is explained) - and have everyone's stats up for when people are walking in. About 160 hours of work. Had I been paid, that would've been $4000. LOL.
Ahh, your first look at Live Adam. Each set of stats runs in the 4tvs for 1 minute. Eveythings movin' and lookin' all high tech.


LOL. Did I mention that Live Adam's the arrogant prick? Here's the other 4:

As you can see, everyone is in uniform here, and that's to set the tone for the opening of the show. Unfortunately you've all seen what they change into, so it isn't a suprise - but I just couldn't help but show you those pics back in July. Oh my GOD. 3 MONTHS ago?!! Wow.
Then of course the opening sequence that explains The Trinitrons. I was gonna do a Behind The Music Spoof but simply couldn't come up with the appropriate way to explain everything. There's really two options here: First, and what we somewhat based the FILMING on, was that these guys LIVE INSIDE the TVs. It would lend way to some funny ass pictures and so forth. Of course there were problems with that since Cameron and Adam are brothers...you could start to explain it but then it starts getting stupid. Secondly, and what I ended up going with, was that they were all real people and performed in TVs to keep from killing each other...



...and it was at the rehearsal you see above that Gary said he'd never perform in the same room with Adam again...and thus 4tvs was born to keep the band going. Yeah, it seems all obvious now doesn't it - but I swear the hours I spent thinking about how to do this the right way are innumerable. Honestly, EVERY NIGHT as I went to sleep - I tried to invision the opening in my mind, and I kept coming up with stumbling blocks. So finally, 2 days before the show, I set up a green screen in my living room, turned on the camera and for hour after hour after hour I just started a speech. Honestly - I did it for 4 hours until I was exhausted at 6 AM...got up at 10:30 and did it for anouther 3 hours before I finally got it. The opening's isn't even 3 minutes, but for some reason doing it one take, and staying within Cameron's character of dry wit was just impossible. Here's a shot for you...
My first Green Screen. Ahhh...I love my computer.
Then came working on Live Adam. Unfortunately I couldn't do this until about 4 PM on Saturday and I was gonna do a dress rehearsal for Jess (since she was gonna be working on Sunday) and Charlotte at 7:30 PM. Needless to say, even though I wrote the damn thing, getting the timing down was nothing short of a miracle. I can't even begin to tell you how badly it interupts your acting ability when you're only thinking in "technical" terms of how many seconds you have to say certain things. There is no "acting flow" with 4tvs. Whereas on stage you move with another actor and play off each others words, here - you've got 4 people that will never change. They never hear the audience laughing, or not laughing, and to make it look fluid is FREAKIN' rough. I got fairly good by the dress rehearsal but trying to make Live Adam a seperate character from Spencer was just mind-mumbingly frustrating.
First off, those glasses made me appreciate ZORRO's acting a bility a bit more. LOL. That's about what it's like to try to convey any emotion and character when you can't see your eyes or even EYEBROWS. That's the biggie. Go make some faces in the mirror, and then imagine not being able to see your eyes or eyebrows. It sucks. So Charlotte Jess and I sat and brainstormed for about 2 hours on what could be done differently. Everything from changing accents, to changing character to traits, to even clothing.
So guess what I did ALL DAY Sunday. LOL. Worked and worked and worked on making Live Adam a character. Finally, after a suggestion from Marshall (who also watched the dress rehearsal), I got it. He told me to just make Adam stupid. Not ZOOLANDER stupid, but close to that. My problem was Cameron is a smart ass and at times so is Live Adam. The similarities come through no matter what you're wearing or how you're acting. That TRAIT can't be similar. So by showtime I really got the character down. One of those arrogant MORONS we've all met over the years. Charlotte arrived 10 minutes before the show with a new shirt and boots for Live Adam and it was time.
Too bad it didn't matter.
I pretty much could've put a cardboard cut out of myself up there and phoned in the lines and no one would've cared. It is absolutely, positively, The G and Spencer show. Period. Just to give you an example: The audience was so tuned in, that when G is rapping about kicking Adam's ass, he has a line where he says: "Don't believe that your safe! Not from me, and you won't hear a thing 'cause I copied your key!" And he shows the key to the audience. They cheered for THAT. They were happy that Adam was gonna get beat down. It was incredible. Not only that, but the laughter was SO loud, and SO long - I could barely keep up. Everything I had practiced that day went STRAIGHT out the window, as I tried desperately to hear my cues and keep my cool. Thank GOD I had those glasses on 'cause if you had seen the look on my face...LOL. Ya see, I don't have ANY monitors. None. I'm trying to hear my front speakers for my sound cues. I used to have one for the old show, but that was just to keep time with the music. I didn't think it was necessary for this. Yeah, well I was wrong. LOL.


Here's just a sampling of the show... This is almost cruel to do to you... You just gotta see more don't ya. Damn I realized I forgot to put the "Trinitron Chronicles" Bookends on the video...ahh well. It's not like you haven't seen it 7 times already...


The ONLY downside looking back at the tape is almost a dozen jokes (and some of the best ones) were completely missed. Half the time I was up there I was thinking: "Shut up, shut up....ya gotta hear this one". Oh and all that sound mixing I did? Worthless. Absolutely worthless...LOL. If crowds are gonna be reacting like this, I'm gonna need a sound guy for every show. Of course every show though will not be like this. Even though I didn't know everybody there, there's something about knowing that this is a guy who lives at your complex. You automatically want to root for him. Definitely a home crowd, but man oh man was it the best reaction I've ever had. I mean ever. In 26 years I'm not sure I have ever felt like I was able to show my talents to the world. Uh-oh here comes Live Adam... But seriously, any of you with artistic talent know that not being able to truly express it is fuckin' MISERABLE. That's how I've felt my whole life. In radio, even though I loved every second, and put every ounce of my being into it (and my GOD did I), I knew in the back of my mind I could do more - and that feeling kept radio from being satisfying. When I was hell 16-23 and dreamt of nothing but being a solo artist, I knew that that wasn't all I would want to do. I'd want to act in the video - I'd want to produce that video...or maybe this or that or AHHHH...
But in one night, assuming everyone knows what went into everything, I show it all. It's funny, I think personally, I'm most proud of the video work. I mean this thing is smooooooth. It looks amazingly professional. Ha. I need to quite saying that don't I. Uhm, it is professional. I think I can more than qualify for that now.
And holy rusted metal Batman, the video is bar none the best taping of a 4tvs show ever. I spent quite some time setting up the camera so the 4tvs take up the FULL 4 corners of your tv set. I even borke apart some of my set-up and moved the tvs in closer to get the perfect shot. I am in the process right now of super-imposing the tvs. As well, on some parts you'll see the tvs get bigger and take over the whole screen so it's possible to get, for the first time EVER, a real sense of the show live on tape. I honestly didn't think it could be done. But if you can't get out to LA to see this show, the only thing you miss with this tape is people screaming and laughing in your ear. And with a good sound system, you'll get that too. I'm tellin' you - the tape ROCKS. And hell, it's the first show!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!
I'll be back in Columbus from Wednesday the 3rd to Thursday the 11th, so email me if you'd like a copy. Otherwise I can always mail it to ya. I figure to cover costs that $20 is fair. Not lookin' for a profit really, I figure that'll come in a few months. Heh, you get to own 8 months of my life for 20 bucks.
So there you have it. All the work is done. The pressure is ALL on Charlotte now. I told her that and she said: "There is NO pressure now" She told me as she watched the video that, and I quote, "If this doesn't win 'Show of the year' at Aspen I'll eat my hat." I'm putting that in writing boy. It figures, I'm still praying I'm one of the 4 picked and she's 2 steps ahead of me. Man, the next few months are gonna be amazing aren't they. Fuck what I said about being all peaceful if I die tomorrow... I wanna see how this ends! "The Journey" is now a full-fledged mini-series, and we're just warmin' up! Can you just imagine what some of the entry titles could be soon? AHHHHHHHH.
I'm so freakin' glad I've had the discipline to keep this site up. This may end up being an even more satisfying project than The Trinitrons.
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