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1:08 AM, Sunday, September 30th, 2001:
So here we are. The date of the first public performance of The Trinitrons. If you'd like to fly out to LA, it's 14358 Magnolia Blvd., 7:30 PM. Throw that on a yahoo map and see how far it is from ya. Heh. 91423 for the zip by the way.
I just performed it for Jess, Charlotte and Marshall 'cause I needed a nice dry run through as I'm having an incredibly hard time with Live Adam. He's turning out to be too much like Cameron. Even though they're now brothers it's still a bit too much. I'm gonna work on it like crazy tomorrow and should have a good idea of where he's headed by showtime.
I'm basically just writting this entry for a little getaway. I have been doing all things Trinitron non-stop for the past 8 days. SOOOOO much work. I'll get into it in the next entry, which will be the final Trinitron Chronicle. I just can't believe the day has actually come...
Man here I go...
I cannot HELP but think of that moment in December of 1998 when I bought those TVs. It is soooooo incredibly vivid to me. I remember looking at the credit card I was about to hand over and thinking clear as day: "There is absolutely no turning back now". I was about to blow $1200 on 4 televisions with absolutely no rationale if this didn't work out. Little did I realize that those TVs would be the CHEAPEST part...when it was all said and done, I was close to $10,000 by July of 1999. What made me do it?!?! I mean, I think about that now, and I'm in total SHOCK that I went through with it. I sometimes think I was more courageous back then. Maybe just more naive.
Just so many huge moments, and really nothing bigger than the ultimate crossroads: CD101. On November 5th, 1999 I ACCEPTED the full time late show position. I was about to have my own full time radio show with Joe... It was a move on my part so I wouldn't have to face a life of uncertainty following 4tvs. I knew the concept would fade away as radio became my full focus again. And then in an INSTANT I was fired. I never worked another day there. Absolutely stunning. I mean does it get much more fateful than that? I remember calling my dad and telling him and both of us being rather speechless. I ended the conversation with I'm gonna move out west now...and he told me of a cousin in LA and I diverted my route a bit. That cousin never returned my calls by the way. ROFL. LOLOL. It's just so uncanny...
And now, today, after nearly 8 months of development - I will perform "Adam and The Trinitrons" in front of a live audience. SWEET LORD I wish I could read ahead. I absolutely HATE that. LOL.
Ya know, I was gonna save this for the next entry, but I just got it done and it's WAY too cool to not show right now. Here's the very first picture of The Trinitrons as a group.

LOL. Doesn't that rock!!?!?!? I still need to work a bit on the color balance and lighting, but for the most part the picture is done.

Well I still have a bunch of things to finish before showtime (17 hours away!), but this has been a nice distraction for a few moments. I can't believe today is the day. WOW.
Wish me luck...this is a big one.
Ahh yes, the video...good ol' opening to the show now...a little play on the THX logo. I figure if I'm gonna get sued for copyright infringement I might as well do it right. (16 hours, 45 minutes....)
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