ENTRY #143
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TL Succumbs to Injuries from 2000


September 22 2001 7:19 PM PT


LOS ANGELES, C.A. (AP) - Television "Top Left", the nearly 3 year old

member of "4tvs", finally succumbed to injuries incurred in the accident that killed

fellow band member "Bottom Left" in May of 2000.


First reported in Entry #46, video of the accident sent shockwaves throughout

the country.



What was once believed to be "minor scrapes and scratches"

eventually grew to be glaring deficiencies in color, contrast and brightness.

Deficiencies that 4tvs creator Adam Kontras said simply could not be tolerated

with some of the most important 4tvs performances coming up.


"We saw the problems a year ago, and moved him to the Bottom Right, a less

focussed spotlight than the top TVs." Adam said in an interview last night.


"But even at the bottom, it was making Spencer look like E.T...the dying E.T."


Spencer is part of the group The Trinitrons, the new 4tvs show in which each

TV will now have a member other than Adam performing as a group. Spencer,

was very adament about replacing the ailing TV.


"I spend nearly $500 a month on my complexion, and applaud this move. My skin

deserves the best possible presentation."


The 2 original members of 4tvs certainly don't share Spencer's sentiment.


"You knock us around in a trailer for almost 3 years, you drop us shooting a

dismal INTERNET show, and then replace us if our color is a bit off? Adam's

turning into a DICK." Top Right expressed. Adam had only this to say:


"No one part is bigger than 4tvs as a whole...except me of course."


TL was replaced with 5 year old Jay-V, a 27 inch JVC television that Adam had

been using in his company 4tvs Productions. Jay-V was quite excited to get the



"I've seen some of the performances on my TV, but to actually be part of the

group as they embark on 'The Trinitrons' is the greatest thrill in my life."


The 4tvs, with Jay-V, will be debuting "The Trinitrons" next week at the "End-of-

Summer" event being held at Magnolia Apartments on September 30th..



TL Returns to 4tvs After 3 Hours


September 22 2001 10:12 PM PT


LOS ANGELES, C.A. (AP) - In what has to be the strangest event in the history

of 4tvs, TL (Top Left) returned to the group after only 3 hours of retirement.


"I feel like Michael Jordan. Once I was away, it just ate at me. When Adam told

me that the problems stemmed from Avery's wiring, I nearly peed my circuits."

Top Left said.


Avery, the computer that runs 4tvs, apparently had some loose connections and

crossed wires that caused TL's troubles. Adam performed an emergency

operation on Avery and attached his parts inside the TV towers. Unfortunately,

Avery could not be saved.


"It's so bittersweet. It's great having TL back, but Avery was such a trooper. We

will move on, but with heavy hearts." Adam said. 


"AWWWWWW YEEEAH. I knew it was that BITCH Avery. Punk always

breakin' down. I'm glad that pile of junk is dead." Top Right said.


Lost in all the chaos was Jay-V who found his way back into Adam's editing

bay with little fanfare.


"So close. So, so close. I mean, I was in the tower man. Plugged in, and ready

to go. Damn the Gods I tell you. Damn them."


In memory of Avery, we give you his final pictures. Please beware that these

photos are of a shocking nature.



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