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2:07 PM, Sunday, August 19th, 2001:
Someday, I'll not need a fake name and affiliation to get into The Comedy Store...but knowing that made this night very sweet. A sneak preview if you will. Being in radio I'd been privvy to the strange perks media and celebrity gets you - but this was different. Media are outside of the circle -they report upon that circle. I'll be part of that circle soon, and watching from within was quite unique. But it all starts with one incredible LA Story. One that occured over a month ago in the midst of the Trinitrons shooting schedule. This, more than anything that has happened in my career so far, is a lesson all aspiring entertainers must soak in. And it can be summed up in one sentence: Stay in this city at all costs. Of course I've never been known for summing anything up very well - so sit back and grab a drink...
Not sure how much I've mentioned this, but the entire apartment complex feels like a brotherhood. A fraternity (that allows women) type atmosphere. Everyone seems to be from a different state, are all in their 20's and early 30's, and all actively pursuing dreams in showbiz. If Magnolia Apartments wanted to produce a film...we'd be able to fill every position. Enter Gary Goldstein. A stand-up by night and a waiter by day. A very funny, PRICK-type comic that will always make you laugh. I say prick because he's just plain shitty to people - but he's good at it. LOL. He's the guy that will scream obscenities out a window you're standing in front of and run...while eveyone looks up at you thinking you're the dick. Yeah - REALLY funny. But yeah...it IS really funny.
So we're body boarding at the beach one day and I distinctly remember us bitching about bills and shit. How tough everything is - him telling how he needs to make like $200 a night this week just to make it through the month. We're all struggling like hell to keep it all together - simply to stay out here to keep our dream alive. Well something happened that weekend that is just incredible.
-He waits on Pauly Shore and makes him laugh, and they hit it off. They plan to have lunch a few days later.
-At lunch, Pauly says they need a manager at his mother's world renowned comedy club: "The Comedy Store". Pauly asks if he's interested...
-Uhm...he is.
-That NIGHT, Pauly calls back and says his mom is cool with it. That's it. Gary's now managing The Comedy Store and rubbing elbows with the biggest names in comedy.
And like that - his career goes to the next level. The contacts he will meet in this year alone are just staggering. I mean - he WAITED on Pauly Shore for Christ's sake - and now this. That's incredible. And the whole apartment complex is happy for him. It's truly "one for the team". Breaks like that are what it's all about in LA. And of course - they can't happen if you're not here...
For me of course, how nice is it to know the manager of The Comedy Store. I've told Gary this a dozen times...I'm happy for HIM - not for what he can do for me, but he still keeps saying: "I'll get you in man...". And I believe him. I feel he sincerely wants to see me succeed, and I feel the same for him. It's one of only a few relationships I've made out here that feels so sincere.
So I went into The Comedy Store Thursday night knowing I'd be playing here in a matter of months probably weeks. It was a screening of Pauly Shore's new movie: "You'll Never Wiez in this Town Again". Maybe 150-200 invited total. He put it together himself and is trying to sell it. Some seriously funny shit. Self-depricating humor is always great - but when you've had the career of Pauly Shore...it's just ten times funnier. Now Gary forgot my last name so he put my name on the list as Adam Lazareth and said I was affiliated with NBC. Heh. Besides seeing the movie and having Pauly talk about it onstage, there were quite a few celeb-heads there. Obviously Mitzi was there to support him. Todd Bridges (Willis from Diff'rent Strokes) was there and as well plays quite a big part in the movie. The movie by the way is just one celeb after another - from Sean Penn, to Ben Stiller, to Snoop Dog, to Chris Rock, to Bill Maher, to Fred Durst, to Jerry Springer, to Pam and Tommy Lee - it never ends. Anyway, uhm...Eddie Griffen was there as he was going on afterwards. Matt Dillon was hangin' out. Laila Ali (Muhammed's daughter) was there too. Apparently she may set-up a meeting with Gary and Muhammed soon. How cool would that be. Oh and the shit of all shits, was Brett Ratner - director of both Rush Hours, The Family Man (which was actually quite good), and the upcoming Silence of the Lambs prequel. Figures I'd be most excited about a director. Heh. Then again some porn star was there and was sitting right behind me and that was pretty cool. Strange too...I look on the screen and she's there. LOL. How eerie is that? Anyway - root for this one making it to video or theaters because it's got some REALLY funny moments.
In life news...I continue to feel myself transform as this Trinitrons process evolves. Bob's agent was very positive about his client helping us out and said he'd definitely push for him to do so. Obviously he can't guarantee anything since there's no money involved, but hopefully he sees me as a commodity he'd like to represent. Then Bob is helping out his agency as well as me. Next I'll be meeting with the agent and showing everything I have to offer - from the parody songs to the most recent cut of The Trinitrons - all the way to The Boyles for cryin' out loud. I've got quite a bit of shit to show off my talents. As well anyday we should hear if Bob wants to do this. It's a huge waiting game. As you remember - production was halted on the 3rd of this month. I'd done everything I could do. I fully expect to blow over a month waiting. (sigh). Let's pray it's all worth it in the end.
It's also 2 weeks today that J-Dog has been missing, and I'm officially done "hoping". I have to move on. I have to get out of this fucking funk. Going out each night and calling his name. Going to the pound and putting up fliers...it's obvious that J-Dog was stolen or killed. It sucks either way and thinking about it doesn't help. Bob is now officially an inside cat. Amazingly he hasn't cried once to go outside...he doesn't even sit in the window. I can't believe it really. He sleeps a LOT more than he used to. I play "throw the fake mouse" with him quite often - and it keeps him moving a bit. We'll get him a companion kitten soon. How nice it'll be to have 2 inside cats and never have to worry about some FUCK stealing one. Ugh.
For your viewing pleasure I've videotaped one of Bob's favorite outdoor pasttimes in remembrance of his "outside" days: Swimmin'. Now I won't say he LOVES to swim, but he's certainly cool with it. He just kind've sits and looks around in your hands...then when you let him go he'll swim to the edge... It's very cool. Ever since he was a baby he's liked water. Would even sit in the bathtub with us...insane. Ugh. I miss J-Dog. I'll have to do some sort've tribute on him on his site. :-(
Oh and Paddy's cartoon "Bitches" is being pitched to MTV and the first meeting went really well. It's a great concept and with MTVs lack of animation right now - it just might be a perfect case of timing. Hopefully we can mark another victory up for the Magnolia crew. And how cool would it be if my theme song was on MTV? Lest you forget - here's the opening squence. Bad-Ass a capella rides again.


I was reading 2001 so far and it's uncanny how it all seems planned. 2000 the struggle, 2001 the direction, 2002 the success. Just plotted out as if they're chapters in a book. I bet when people reread all this someday - they'll never know how stressful it all was LIVE. Not knowing what was coming. WOAH. Speaking of that - some guy's car just BLEW UP in our parking lot and melted 2 cars next to him. Greg just came down with his cats 'cause he thought his apartment was gonna catch fire. Sweet Jesus. !!!! I guess I have a video for the next entry eh? LOL. OK, must go see this...
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