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1:07 AM, Sunday, August 12th, 2001:
What seperates me from most, is that miscommunication drives me INSANE. I hate being taken the wrong way - or having the message received not be the one I intended. So I try so goddamn hard to be open and to the point. And when I get something like this written to me...
...nice "backstreet boys looks". I guess. Though I don't like how you portray the
gay character, but I am sensitive to that since one of my very best frineds is gay.
...I just wanna put my hand through a wall. Shall I repeat this:
From Entry 135:
I first need to make a big ass disclaimer on this character. Spencer is NOT a stereotype. He is his own character with a true foundation. He's not lisps and limp wrists. This was something I labored over in rehearsing him. You cannot overdo this 'cause it cheapens the whole show if he's done over the top. So please rest assured, that even though the video for this entry is "over the top", the character is not. I did the video in that fashion to make fun of ME, and how incredibly different I look. Realize what you're seeing is the most audacious minute I could piece together.
Let's for a moment assume she decided to skip that paragraph. And let's also assume that Spencer WAS more stereotypically gay, as many young gay men "act" these days. How on EARTH is that offensive. Why must people assume that an actor is portraying an entire race/gender or sexual preference when he does ONE character. I am well aware that all gay men don't act this way, but some do. The kicker is I realize people ignorantly do this, so I purposefully didn't do Spencer in the way she thought. He's played as a very happy, sincere 19 year old who does happen to be gay. He gives off much more of a "little boy" in his sheepishness as opposed to homosexuality. But heaven forbid you do ANYTHING that "looks" gay, you're automatically being insensitive.
What kills me, is in the SAME email she talks about Jack from Will and Grace, and the "JACK 2000" bit he did (which I'll get to in a moment). Is somehow his portrayal of a gay men "ok" because she doesn't know the actor's true sexuality? If she knew that Sean Hayes was straight would that be offensive? It certainly should, since his portrayal is CERTAINLY over-the-top and stereotypical. But it's OK to have Jack's character be so "GAY" since Will is a more subdued gay man and it shows the writers are being PC. Fuckin stupid people.
And what really gets me is the "my friend is gay, so I'm more sensitive to this...". Get over yourself already. I'm sure your gay friends (which I did meet if you remember), would attest to the fact that many gay men, especially YOUNG gay men, tend to overact in public. It's a common insecurity in gay men starting to finally accept who they are after hiding it for so long. But as an actor who is straight, I can't portray this? I can't empathize with them and do a truly sensitive gay man? This attitude floors me...
And is somehow my portrayal of "G" alright, because I have darker skin? Because I can actually rap? Because I have rhythm? Why won't all of my black friends feel I'm generalizing young black men? Or Dewey for christ's sake. Now there's a group of people who should be pissed. He is by ALL MEANS stereotypical and predictable. He throws a few curveballs at the end of the show, but it's certainly SPICOLLI with a little Keanu.
You know, my anger may harken back to some early slams on Billy Joel's song: "Goodnight Saigon". Critics would bash him since he didn't go to Vietnam, but wrote a song about it in first person. Yeah, heaven forbid he's creative and shows some empathy. As if only Vietnam VETS can sing a song about their experience. Fuckin' critics. It's always the talentless who find fault in the talented. Oooh...that's a good line. It's always the talentless who find fault in the talented. :-)
Man, I need to get over this before I make it - LOL. But "real" critics I'm sure won't bother me (or someone who's actually seen the show). I know this person. I considered this person a friend, and enjoyed the time I spent with her - so it carries a bit more weight. But overall, it's just a prevelant attitude that she's representing that irks me. Especially when she hasn't seen the show! Those clips are were clearly explained to be NOT INDICATIVE OF THE FULL SHOW. FUCK, FUCKITY, FUCK FUCK FUCK. AHHHHHHHHHH! Alright, moving on.
"Jack 2000". This episode of Will and Grace premiered last fall and man everyone was emailing me saying I was getting ripped off. A fellow comedian I knew said that writers often times go out and see talent and incorporate it into their tv shows. Well I had played about 20 shows up to that point, so it was definitely a possibility. I was more flattered than anything else, but also concerned that it would make ME look like the unoriginal one. When the 4 screen movie Time Code came out I got the same thing.
Well I was finally able to catch a re-run of the episode and promptly taped it, edited it into a little 45 second piece (that's all there was really) and have it here for you to judge for yourself. After all the build-up I must say it's a bit of a letdown. If this was taken from my act, they certainly didn't try too hard. I mean...one TV? LOL. But thinking about it...it really could've been spawned from seeing my show. The fact that he's playing in a tiny little night club leads me to believe whoever wrote the piece could EASILY have seen it and it stuck with him.
It's flattering if anything. And also...it's not live. People talking with themselves, or singing with themselves has always been. What makes 4tvs stand out is that it's performed live...and for a substabtial amount of time. 15-20 minute sets. No edits. And that's something I don't see anyone ever trying. Everyone told me I had to be so careful because people would steal the idea and try to perform it themselves. Man, more power to you fellow entertainers out there. If you think it's worth it to try to copy something so difficult to pull off...and then NOT be unique, go ahead. But what's the point? You think I'd be pushing 4tvs so hard had someone else been doing the same act all along? HELL NO. It's only value is that it's never been done.
Ahh, a nice little rant. Feel free to throw your 2 cents in on the topic. If I get enough response I'll throw it on this entry page for you to check out.
And no, no sign of J-Dog. Damn, 6 nights. (sigh)
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