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9:23 AM, Monday, July 30th, 2001:
I tried to warn you... I'm glad you're sitting down.
Spencer Highbanks, SUPRISE! We're watching you! All I can say is, thank GOD
my first CD was red. Nothing's ever fit so well. And thank you Jon Ricardi for
making the huge posterboard of that cover. 5 years later...WOW.
Spencer as a Backstreet Boy... I think this is the point in which I got a bit scared.
I don't look out of place. Not even a little bit. (sigh)
Spencer trying so hard to be a gangsta. Shhh, don't tell him it didn't work.
Spencer at the beginning prior to the extended eyebrows and make-up.
Well, everyone else got 4 pictures, and Spence wanted just one more.
And now...the picture I've waited to see for 6 months:
It's DONE. D-O-N-E. The sense of accomplishment I feel right now is really unparalelled. The great thing is that it will be topped over and over and over in the coming months. But for now, this is as good as it gets.
This last guy though, has finally made Jess uneasy. She's dealt with living witht the first 3 - but I've had too much fun with Spence. She's kindly asked me to never, ever, ever do this again - LOL. Man, look at me. HAHAHA. Anyway - onto the shoot.
I first need to make a big ass disclaimer on this character. Spencer is NOT a stereotype. He is his own character with a true foundation. He's not lisps and limp wrists. This was something I labored over in rehearsing him. You cannot overdo this 'cause it cheapens the whole show if he's done over the top. So please rest assured, that even though the video for this entry is "over the top", the character is not.
I did the video in that fashion to make fun of ME, and how incredibly different I look. Realize what you're seeing is the most audacious minute I could piece together. When you see the finished show, you'll see him as just another part of the band and thankfully very little attention is drawn to him in any negative fashion. And besides, how can you not laugh looking at this footage. Well, I cringe, but I do grin a bit. Heh. Oh and many of you have noticed you can see the "edges" in some of the videos...good eye! But not to worry, a digital video image is 720x480 whereas a tv is 640x480, so those edges will never make it to screen. You're seeing a much bigger picture then the TV will show...
Well, that may be the biggest paragraph of the entry since the shoot was nonexistent. I've never had so many one-takes in my entire life. As we moved through each section, I kept asking Charlotte if she was sure that was good. We'd play it back, and it was just dead on. We got the entire shoot done, including the WHOLE set and lights and shooting in 5 hours. Compared to 14 hours for G. Amazing. Figrues I'd do the gay guy in record time. Heh.
Playing the footage back was probably the most uncomfortable I've been in a loooooong while. It may seem strange to think I can perform it and not be embarrased, but when I "SEE" it I am - but it's the truth. Hell, when I'm performing it - I am Spencer. I don't think about anything else. Same as all the other TVs. You have to get a little lost in the character to give it any ounce of depth...but watching it back. Oh dear LORD. The Backstreet Boys Set alone, as you can see in the picture and the video, is just eerie. You want to laugh, but then...it doesn't look strange. Oh so natural.
So in what has to be the busiest month of my life, 4 trinitrons are born. I now have to raise them into the little band I've always wanted. I need to make them sing on a key a bit better, I need to fatten up their harmonies, I need to color balance their rooms, and most of all...I need to pray. Bob's agent...did I just say Bob? LOL. Did I just give out his first name? LOLOLOL. oops. Well, that's all you get. Anyway, his agent got my stuff last week and we should hear back from him THIS week. Again we're hoping he'll want to represent me, that way the favor is more of "one for the team" as opposed to blind favor for no-name freak. And that's truly what I am when you see these 4 guys.
I'll now go back into my cave of computer work, and hopefully sometime this week, I can give you a little sneak peek at all 4 guys interracting... Damnit, why am I wasting time writing this entry when I could be seeing 4 Trinitrons working together! WOO HOO!
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JULY 2001