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11:38 AM, Saturday, July 21st, 2001:
Tons. Hundreds of thousands...millions...so much. I just can't deal with this PETTY FUCKING SHIT anymore.
I know, I KNOW. I said I wouldn't talk about my financial situation after the whole "only in LA" DVD entry... But I dare some mutherfucker to try and take advantage of me now. I'm not even nice about it. I'm just PISSED. Sick of being cheap, sick of "seeming" greedy. Sick that my only real problem in life is money. I HATE THAT.
I guess I should get to the point here. And it's not as if there's one...it's how 3 years of sacrificing everything for 4tvs has changed me. But more recently...
-I guess our deductible on medical shit was raised right before my surgery, and reading closer we found out that after the deductible for the year is paid, they only cover 50% of the anesthesia, and like 90% of everything else. So we now owe another $2000. The kicker? I didn't want the surgery, but since we had met our deductible, I went ahead. I was freaked about the $15 copay! THAT was too much. And the final ass-reamer: I am worse off than before the surgery. I've quit going to the doctor 'cause she's a MORON. My nose is much worse than it was before she fucked with it, and now my ears are by far - as bad as they've ever been. They pop when I breathe in and out of my nose. So what I had chalked up as a bad experience, waste of time, test of pain tolerence, and WORSENING my condition - now costs me an unexpected $2000. Nice. REAL fuckin' nice.
-Sony. Fuckin' SONY. How DARE I call my band The Trinitrons after one of SONY's goddamn products. As you may remember...yeah RIGHT - it was a YEAR ago... So I'll just start over. Last year when my computer was giving me trouble because of so much work on Hollywood Screentest, I bought a new computer. I bought what I "thought" was the same thing I had, but Sony changed their Vaio line-up, and what I got was nothing like what I was trying to replace. sent it back and bought the next rung up: $1500. And as in the medical debacle, I didn't even need the FUCKING computer because HST went under within a few weeks. MURPHY! So anyway, I called up Sony and they picked it up free of charge because of some special they had going on. The:
special. They set up fed-ex comin' and pickin' up my package. In 30 days they'd credit my account. You wanna know what happened next? You dare me to put that fuckin' log in here!?!?! GODDAMNIT:
On 8/26/00 I purchased a VAIO computer online and received it quite
promptly on 8/28/00. It was not what I thought I was buying. Apparently
Sony changed it's bottom of the line VAIO from what I bought in late
1999. I called Sony and they said they were offering to pick up
the computer for free. There were problems with other shipments so
they were across the board picking up the tab for customer returns.
They arranged for a fed-ex pick up on 8/29/00. They said all I needed to
do was make a label for them and they would handle the rest.
When the fed-ex lady picked up the package I asked if I could sign something
and she said there was no need. When she left I felt uneasy so I called Sony
to explain the situation:
They said they handled everything and that I didn't need to worry about not
signing a receipt. It would take 30 days for the warehouse to credit my card.
They said their warehouse still has not received the computer
and because I have no tracking number, I may be screwed. They
are doing an "admin" form to get to the bottom of this.
Still no word, talked to a supervisor named "Matt" who said
their credit department changed over in September and this
"fell through the cracks". He is talking with corporate to
figure this out. He said to call back in a few weeks.
Matt never called back, so I did. Matt was unavailable but
the lady on the phone (didn't get her name) did MORE admin
forms for some reason. Said that was ALL she could do.
They still hadn't heard back from corporate according to Matt.
Which means they haven't found the computer. He said he will
keep on them, and call back when he hears anything.
Brandy said the admin forms went through meaning they found it.
Matt said "They found what they were looking for"
Couldn't give me any more specifics on what that means.
Matt said he did all he could, and that corporate should issue the
credit ANYTIME Now. THEY DID find the computer, and that was no longer
in question. He'll call back when he hears anything.
Everyone out sick. Left my name and number, she said he'd call back
when he got in.
3/01/01 - 12:00 PM
Talked to jeff cause matt was in a meeting...couldn't tell me anything.
didn't know what to say...they can't email me. He'll leave a note for
3/01/01 - 3:00 PM
Matt called back completely frustrated. He says he called twice a week.
Has no idea what more to do. They say "they're gonna get to it". He said
to dispute the charge at the bank, I said: "It's been 1/2 a year". I said
I needed some proof from Sony that there was a problem before they'd agree
to give me the money and take the headache on themselves. He said he'd
get me some papers and keep me informed. YEAH RIGHT. I'll have to keep
hounding him well into April I'm sure.
Talked to Will - pretty nervous young man. He talked to Theresa - is the
credit chick...Matt is out of the office. She again issued something to get
word back from corporate. Will left a note for Matt, but said call back in
a few days.
Chris said Matt wasn't available ( he left a message to him to call me back,
and according to him - NO OTHER supervisors were available to talk to me
either. He told me that if this was "about the credit" "they're looking
into it". I asked for the corporate offices to complain, and he gave me the
I feel I need to speak with Matt before I have the slightest idea what to
write to corporate. Matt seems to know exactly where we are in this. I do
"been doing everything he can..." "without the tracking number it's hard"
This doesn't sound like Matt at all. The real Matt knows they found this computer.
This guy just looked at my notes and said: "It appears that they did find it on 1/5"
"RMA number is how they found it" - Why are they trying to pull a fast one on me?
On what was appropriate compensation for a problem that has continued so long,
Matt said: "I've never worked on one that has gone on this long". He said write
the letter explaining everything so far and he would go to "his top guy".
Sent a letter with this log and this note:
This of course is infuriating. Now he's gonna go to his top guy? And I know
this is just an assumption, but that was not Matt. I've talked to a guy
previously on many occasions, and this guy was just pretending. The "other
Matt" knew my situation quite well.
As it stands now, I feel that simply a credit for the amount of the computer is no
longer acceptable as this has been pending since August of 2000. I have
called over a dozen times and been more than patient. I have been on hold for
an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time in the past 8-9 months. I feel anything less
than double my credit is unacceptable. There is no precedent for such an
exorbatant amount of time in which I've had to fight with customer service for
something as simple as a credit. I realize not having the tracking number
caused Sony problems, but they admitted they found it 4 months ago and yet
there's STILL NO CREDIT??!??!
I also assume I am being pushed aside because it's gone on so long you
figure I'll fade away. I am a struggling entertainer in Los Angeles, and you'd
better believe that $800 means THE WORLD TO ME right now. I've had to
BORROW MONEY just to get bills paid while I wait for this money. I will not let
this go. And for once I am legitimately threatening legal action if every effort is
not made on your part to make sure I am a satisfied customer. I can't
BELIEVE this has gone on for so long…and I hope you feel the same.
Thanks for your time,
Adam Kontras
14358 Magnolia Blvd. #136
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91423
Chris Ericson wrote me back apologizing for the delay and said he was now looking
into the problem.
Chris Ericson called me. Said he's been working on this ever since my letter was
received. They can't do anything without the tracking number which we don't have.
Says that should be between me and Fed-Ex. But SONY MADE THE CALL TO
Says he realizes I was TOLD it was found back in January. Gave me the
president's address, and I will send this letter off to him NOW. He said he would
keep me updated. I've heard that one before. Heh.
Mr. Nishida,
ORDER #400-001-17-8521
I would have to assume that in the history of this corporation, there has never
been an outstanding credit of this long. This computer WAS found by it's RMA
number and this credit SHOULD be issued. I obviously don't HAVE this
computer anymore, YOUR company called Fed-Ex and had them pick it up
days after I purchased it!
As far as compensation, I refer to my last letter:
As it stands now, I feel that simply a credit for the amount of the computer
is no longer acceptable as this has been pending since August of 2000. I
have called over a dozen times and been more than patient. I have been on
hold for an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time in the past (10) months. I feel
anything less than double my credit is unacceptable. There is no precedent
for such an exorbatant amount of time in which I've had to fight with
customer service for something as simple as a credit. I realize not having
the tracking number caused Sony problems, but they admitted they found it
4 months ago and yet there's STILL NO CREDIT??!??!
I sincerely hope we can bring this matter to an end. Thank you for your time,
Adam Kontras
14358 Magnolia Blvd. #136
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91423
Chris Ericson no longer works at the company. Doesn't that figure. Michael took
my call said someone else was taking over his accounts, but he doesn't know who.
It's one of 2 people, and neither of them are in. (sigh). He said he'd give them my
name and number along with the account number.
Michael Schroeder called at 2 PM, I returned his call at 3. He says it's fed-ex's
fault and I need to file my claim with them since they lost my package. I said it
WAS found, but he seems to think that was a mistake back in January. He thinks
he can get a tracking number from fed ex for up to 18 months. He promised
he'd have this at the top of his list and call me back in a matter of days. We'll see.
7/20/01 - 12:00 PM
He found the tracking number - WOW. That's amazing. He's issued the credit.
Now, how much is it for, and what are they offering in return for a year's worth of
waiting? Calling now…1-888-900-9872 x2, x1, ask for x22…he isn't in, said
he'd call back. He called again, I missed him (I need call waiting).
7/20/01 - 3:30 PM
Won't give me ANYTHING. Won't even cover the shipping because it wasn't
"THEIR FAULT" that I wanted another product. Has nothing to offer as far as
coupons, for the year wait. Nothing, nothing, nothing. As well I'm out $25 shipping
and a year's worth of time on the phone. He said the complaint center can't give
anything either. This is completely unacceptable. Not sure what to do next. Let's
get the credit first and go from there.
Well you guys had better of read all that. LOL. ALL that and they're gonna stiff me the $25 for shipping because it wasn't thier fault?!?!?! Holy shit, I almost went completely postal on him after that. I had to just hang up. I mean, I was gonna go APE-SHIT. But what can you do? And let me tell you what REALLY irks me about this: People telling me that "All you have to do is this..." As if I haven't done all I can. So I guess I wait for the credit, and go from there - but WHAT THE FUCK? And that crap about he can't give me anything...he certainly gave me his DICK TO SUCK for a year, FOR FREE. MAN am I graphic and disgusting when I'm angry. Sorry. I'll try and tone it down...
Then again, if I really were gonna try I could've just erased that.
-Marty still owes me 40 fucking dollars. I still talk to him and we keep each other updated, but as he doesn't have internet access he's kind've missed out on everything since he left in January. The fact that he won't just send me a goddamn money order already is INFURIATING. I am going back home in October, and I'm gonna have to hunt him down like I did in APRIL, for $40.
-Tony still owes me $112.50. Then he quits CD101 and moves to San Diego without telling me, because he knows I know exactly where he is. But of course I have no phone number, I'd have to drive there and FIND him. SOOOOOOOO angry. It just keeps adding up doesn't it...
-My fucking cable modem doesn't work. I pay all this money AGAIN for broadband, and it doesn't work. I am so tired of being on the phone with customer service after SONY, and remember the MSN DSL? Yeah, all those hours getting DSL to work for - 4 months? Then they go out of business 3 weeks later. FUCK. Ok, so this has little to do with money...but if I had money, I'd cancel my service and get pacbell DSL. But I never did before because it was (everybody) : TOO EXPENSIVE. So instead I sit here and deal with the rape.
-No free lance work for months. Nothing, nada. If it wasn't for Ebay, Jess and I would be...well even further in debt - LOL. And now I need all these little money issues just to pay off these medical bills...for something I DIDNT EVEN NEED THAT DIDNT EVEN WORK!
-Not buying J-Dog's $40 a bag low-ash diet food. Having to just say "fuck it" and get him the cheap stuff. Since he's now outside it's all a moot point. It's like buying your kid all his insulin shots 'cause he's diabetic, then letting him play in freeway. But it all comes down to money. What was once $80 a month is now $20. (sigh)
-Not being able to be generous. This is the one that hurts the most. We have to worry about every penny on a check. We can never tip what someone's worth. We always do 15% and look for any reason to go lower. We can't go see a fucking movie EVER unless it's free. And when people offer and you keep denying them, they stop offering. I can't accept free tickets to a concert, 'cause I can't afford the PARKING. It's that kind of shit. It's what everyone else in the world goes through, and I should just STOP my bitching and get a fucking job.
It's what you were thinking wasn't it. And welcome to the schizophrenic mind of Adam Kontras. The problem is...in all of these situations - the freedom of money would solve them. It would be a bump in the road, not a bridge collapsing. I know saying things like "Money would solve all of my problems" is just ignorant, but most of the other areas of my life are perfect. What more could I ask for? I've worked hard for the success I have in the rest of my life, and it's left the money aspect of it FAR behind. So I may be that one case where money would solve my problems.
And you know what I'd do with all that money? Put it in the bank. Period. Let's just say I had $150,000 at my disposal come March. Charlotte wholly believes I'll have that and more. So let's just say she's right. What would I buy?
Our lifestyle won't change at all. We won't go out more, we won't move, we won't buy a car...we'll put it all in the bank. Pay off our various debts to family and doctors (BASTARDS), and then sit on it. Invest it. Never think about it. The we'll really be looked at as greedy cheap bastards. Which is why you never talk about your finances in public.

At least I can laugh. So much to think about. Who will I be when I get the money. What will my stresses be when I'm there. How do you keep a balance. Will we ever have friends that see the value in cutting coupons. Will I ever be able to throw those coupons away. Will I ever find anyone in this city that actually recycles because they charge you a tax that you can only get back if you recycle. Money. Money. Money. Money.

moeneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney Money mOney moNey monE moneY.
It's our anniversary in a few weeks. We can't afford to buy each other presents. We had planned to maybe go off somewhere for the weekend, but guess what....
So heartbreaking. I haven't bought Jess a present...my lord. Have I? I never have have I. Well this is a bit emotional. I met her in September of 1998, and the 4tvs idea came in November of 1998. Every holiday and birthday and anniversary has been a joint type of thing. Plane tickets home, or a refrigerator. Fuck. This is too depressing to even think about.
So let's not. In one week from tomorrow the filming for The Trinitrons should be complete. We've done it in such a way as to be able to go BACK to TV #3 (the one our guest star makes an appearence in) whenever he can do it. That way we're not giving ourselves too much of a time limit. As well we think we have quite an angle on getting it all to work. And believe me - the SECOND I know anything, there will be quite the overflow of information. Been holding it back for quite some time. And we all know how hard that is for me. LOL.
As well, I couldn't handle it...I had to put a few seconds of G and Dewd together just to see what it's like. This is the beginning of G's set where we all sort've laugh AT him. When he sees Adam in particular laughing at him he gets pissed, and goes into a pretty evil rendition of Eminem's "The Way I am". This should get you all pumped for the show a bit...
Expect The Triniton Chronicles: Part Five on Thursday.
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