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9:48 AM, Saturday, July 14th, 2001:
My lord. Halfway there. Two down, two to go. I just can't believe it. If the shoots weren't so goddamn hard, hot, and trying - I would be a bit reminiscent about being halfway done shooting my babies.
Of course we didn't shoot Wednesday, because the guy needed his lights that day, but we were lucky to get them on Friday...the 13th. Shoulda known better. If it's not MURPHY beatin' your ass, it's gotta be some OTHER superstition. But I'm way ahead of myself.
First of all, did any of you know that a CD can run fast? I don't mean skipping...I mean the little bitch actually runs faster than it should. Well as I was putting together G's piece I was quickly realizing that it was way off. And the songs?!! Oh dear GOD. You can't get even 2 frames off, let alone nearly 30 by song's end. So I was stuck with this rather nice dilemma on how to do the sound. Quick background:
Once I make the audio script, which is what each person follows to stay on track...I REmake it once the first tv is done. That way the other 3 can be responding to at least one voice that is set in stone, as opposed to just the dummy script. Therein lied the problem. If I remake it, and then put the new version on CD...not only will the next person be a bit too fast..he'll be faster than G...and by the time you get to the 4th tv...you're SCREWED.
So I basically spent this past week doing audio experiments. Dozens. Hours and hours. Trying to figure out what the hell was wrong...and how to fix it. Amazingly the CD player was CONSISTENTLY fast...so as long as the other tvs "sing" to that same CD track..they'll all be fine. The dialogue was a different story, and I ended up just playing it off my computer - and it worked out fine. What a freakin' mess man. This goddamn project is so complicated.
And this pain thing needs to end. LOL. Fuck what I said before about being intense and shit. I HURT. My hair hurts, my body hurts, my waxed eyebrows hurt, my BLEACHED AND LIGHTENED EYEBROWS HURT. Hell, I actually put salt in my EYES to make them bloodshot for Dewey.
That ended up being for naught (sp?), since his eyes were half shut the whole time anyway. But I did it. I poured salt in the palm of my hand, stuck a finger in it, and proceeded to rub it on my eye ball. And yeah...that burned baby. And made my eyes PURTY red. What one man won't do...
Anyway, the shoot started tragically long. Nearly 6 hours before the first shot was done. All just setting up lights and getting the timing down. Screw it, I'll stop talking and show you the pictures already...
Quite a shock isn't it. Just for reference...
...this was me a few days ago. Heh.
Dewey at the beginning...
Dewey as a Backstreet Boy...
Dewey mackin' on G's set...
Needless to say, I am QUITE happy. This is really turning out the way I had hoped and pictured it. What I've been wondering about for MONTHS, is now in these pictures - and it's like I've always seen it this way. That IS the DEWEY I wrote all those months ago, and yet it didn't really "happen" until yesterday. I am absolutely in love with the color scheme. It truly makes each tv have such an amazing feeling to it. I'm SOOO glad we were able to find the less expensive alternative of PAINTING my apartment rather than curtains. It looks a whole helluva lot better than curtains would've too...
My biggest concern at this point for Dewey is he's a bit TOO animated. He may be drawing a little too much attention to himself when the storyline is with other characters. I tried to do it more laid back, but Charlotte felt I was too boring. I'm not sure she's seeing all 4 televisions as a whole right now, and I'm afraid that when we put them all together - it's gonna be information overload. We compromised and I got a bit more animated, but hopefully it'll be things you catch on your SECOND viewing of The Trinitrons. 'Cause if you're watching Dewey at ALL your first time, you are missing the complete crux of the whole show. Ya just gotta cross your fingers and see how it works out.
And now comes 2 weeks of nerves baby. The script goes out to our "special guest star's" agent this week, and then eventually directly to him. Apparently you have to show respect to the agent, even if he would say yes on his own. There is no money involved obviously, so the need for an agent is purely political, but also polite. This is a pretty big part of this show. Again, you'll never miss it if it doesn't happen, we've recorded 2 alternate endings...but my GOD if he agrees to make this 1 minute cameo at the end... It will be so FREAKIN' memorable. Such a great suprise, and one HELLUVA a way to end the show. As well, his participation could delay our final TV for who knows how long. If he says he'll do it, but has no free time for a month...I'd wait. I feel it's that big of a laugh. Tentatively speaking, here's the final two dates:
Wednesday, July 25th - Top Right - "Cameron"
Sunday, July 29th - Bottom Right - "Spencer"
I have to grow a goatee back, thus the 10 day hiatus. I also need to stay as "Cameron" until we find out if he'll help me out. We're on screen for a few seconds together. Unfortunately, I have no "gut-feeling" about this. I can't imagine why he would, yet I can't imagine why he wouldn't. I just have NO clue. Charlotte seems pretty hopeful.
To our advantage, we can do it ANYWHERE he'd like...it's only about 60 seconds long, and it would do nothing but make him look like an insanely generous person. Almost like the Dave Foley thing last year...how much cooler do you think Dave Foley is since he did that video for me... I know actors don't usually do things so people think they're "cool", but time will tell. I hope I know by the time I do Cameron a week from Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed.
And of course the golden video peek at Dewey's TV. I know these are big downloads for you (I had to upload it on a dial-up connection since my cable doesn't work) - but rest assured it'll be worth it. Man, I hope you're all HALF as excited as I am...
original video file
JULY 2001