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9:48 AM, Monday, July 9th, 2001:
I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. So much would happen with the first shoot, that my original plan of the first 2 TVs being "Part 3" would go right out the window, and I'd do an indiviudal entry for each character. So it's a 7 part series instead of 5. Which is better anyway, 'cause the seventh game is always the SHIZnit. Damnit, I still gots a little G-DAWG stuck in me from last nizight. Heh.
Well after I sent my last entry...and I mean RIGHT after. Like I hit SEND, and the phone rings. "Adam, the guy with the lights got confused with the dates and can't give us the lights until the 7th."
I should've known not to say we were shooting tomorrow. But what could you do. All these delays...so what was one more day. At least we had them for tomorrow....
So Charlotte drives over there - actually calling me from her car and saying she's finally excited about this. She's been dealing with all of the technical shit as have I, and to know this was actually the DAY - just felt awesome. Except the lighting guy...he wasn't there. He was in San Diego until 1. Good GOD. Ok, we're getting smaller!!! 3 weeks, a few days, one day...3 1/2 HOURS. I can handle that delay. Except 1 oclock rolled around, 2....3....4....finally at 5 Charlotte quit waiting and went home. What THE HELL.
Dear Murphy,
Please fuckin' stop RIGHT NOW. I can't deal with your laws ANY MORE. Essentially - EVERYTHING in the world can go wrong my brotha...but not every second. Some shit in this world does HAVE to get done. So can you gimme a break? I do deserve it...
Charlotte gets a call around 6 PM and the guy is almost in town. He's early he says. Apparently his wife speaks german, chick who told Charlotte 1, and didn't catch on that we work on an AM/PM system here. LOL. 1 AM was when he was due back. What's funny is Charlotte said she'd chill at her office until then (this being at 9:30 AM) - and his wife said "OK". HAHAHA. As if 15 1/2 hours is a reasonable time to sit in an office and wait. WHATEVER.
So the shoot Saturday was completely blown, but we could at least set some things up and make save some time for Sunday. That we did, and saved ourselves nearly 3 hours. So the day we shoot the first TV is....
Sunday, July 8th - Top Left - "Gary"
And we did it...It took over 12 hours, but the first TV is complete. GARY (G) IS FINISHED. HOLY HORSESHIT!!! My braids are OUT! We're on to TV #2! THANK YOU SWEET LORD!
I actually thought it would take a couple of hours once we set up. My lord I was so wrong. Murphy reared it's head once again, screwing up the audio portion ROYALLY. I mean - getting RADIO signals on your mic? HOW THE HELL does that happen? I think I fixed it, but we may end up using the camera on the mic...have to compare eveything and see. As well we're both just perfectionists. But truly in a good way. Charlotte's first couple of comments were quite dead-on. I felt like they were what I would've said, had I been watching myself which is such a great feeling. There were also quite a few things I NEVER would've thought about, that really made it shine. And the hours, just kept flying by... 12 hours? Daaaammn...
It's really just amazing to me how much I prepared for this shoot, after the script was DONE, yet it still took that long to do a few tiny scenes. Oh well....it's good to know that that was easily one of the hardest. The others will be harder because there will be less and less room for error when it comes to saying my lines. The first guy you can be a bit off, since the others will be playing TO those lines. But when we get to the 3rd and 4th tvs...whew. I gotta be DEAD-ON. It gets a bit tricky, but THAT I can prepare for ahead of time. It's the technical stuff that is always a concern. Man, I cannot wait until the day that I get to walk onto a set, and worry only about my performance. The thought of that is mind boggling. The audio doesn't work right? I'll be in my trailer - LOL. HAHAHAHA. Heh, OK.
Then the quintessential fuck-up in all VIDEO shoots: Taping over something. Son of a bitch. Well as you may already know with consumer cameras if you just leave it on and don't record anything, it'll shut itself off. Needless to say this is quite fucking aggrivating when you're trying to set up shots, and watching the screen on the monitor. Half my time is spent turning the camera off and on. Well guess what happens when you do that? (AND I KNEW THIS)...the tape rewinds just a bit. Well if you do it about 20 times, your tape could easily have rewound up to 40 seconds. And we completely erased the end of a REALLY difficult section. Nothin' to do but do it over, and then leave minutes upon minutes of space at the beginning and end of each take. Live and learn.
So onto what you really care about, a few sneak peeks at what we did. I must tell you though, these will kind've be spoilers for you. Then again, the MAJORITY of you will not be able to see this show, so it doesn't really matter. But for anyone planning to fly out to LA sometime in the next year - these pics and video will ruin some tiny suprises. I feel like I'm a "Star Wars" website for Episode II. LOL.
G stylin' at the beginning...
G stylin' in his chosen threads...
G as a Backstreet Boy...
G beatin' Adam down with his rap...BLING BLING!
The coolest part about those 4 pictures, is that you can now start to see just how difficult this has been. Not only are there 5 seperate and completely individual characters...each character has seperate looks. And what's funny, is none of these pictures show what G is SUPPOSED to look like as a member of The Trinitrons. I hate to say much more without giving away the plotlines, but basically these "looks" are a complete suprise to the audience at each juncture of the show. Then again you all knew I was in cornrows already, so I consider you "insiders". The people that NEED to be suprised couldn't give two shits about 4tvs.com right now, so as G would say: "It's all good".
So finally at 9:30 PM I got to say those three beautiful words: "That's a rap". Marshall's fiance came by and took some promo shots of G for the website and flyers, and G was history. I was gonna keep the cornrows and everything until I checked every ounce of footage, but I noticed some rather big WELTS at the base of my skull from my cornrows being too tight, and we made the call to take them out ASAP so they could heal before I get my hair lightened for DEWEY. Besides hurting like hell, my hair could just give me the bird and FALL OUT. And that would be BAD. Actually a good deal of hair DID fall out. The most hair I've ever had fall out in the shower in my life...every time I ran my hnads through it, they'd be filled with hair - kinda scary. That GODDAMN hair chick. The lady who put my cornrows in was having quite a good time showing the "white boy" who'd never had his hair braided, just how tight she could make 'em. It was so bad that the next day I was actually on prescription Ibuprofen just to handle the pain. Then to find welts under my hair - jesus. Mostly right in the back , but my whole head was in bad shape. I shall NEVER...EVER do that again. Well, unless a part calls for it. LOL. I've never had a problem killing myself for a part. I'd even gain the 50 pounds back if something called for it. I really love the intensity within a project. Doing all you can to make even the minute details shine. Shit most people will never know or see - just adds to the MAGIC.
And for the MAGIC Part 2 - we have Dewey. My eyebrows will be waxed, my hair will be lightened, my beard will be shaved, and my attitude OH so different. The true "stoner" of the group. If I had to make a guess, here would be the remaining schedule:
Wednesday, July 11th - Bottom Left - "Dewey"
Sunday, July 22nd - Top Right - "Cameron"
Wednesday, July 25th - Bottom Right - "Spencer"
Of course a delay in one, will mean a delay in the others as I have to grow back my facial hair after Dewey. I feel a bit better about everything now though. Getting that first one under your belt is just such an incredible relief.
So I leave you with a very nice video peek at G's TV, and direct my thoughts to Dewey.
Expect the next chronicle on Friday.
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JULY 2001