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3:15 PM, Thursday, July 5th, 2001:
Dear GOD, it's actually happening. Tomorrow we shoot the first TV. Knock, knock, knock.
In fact here's the tentative shooting schedule for all 4:
Friday, July 6th - Top Left - "Gary"
Monday, July 9th - Bottom Left - "Dewd"
Friday, July 20th - Top Right - "Cameron"
Monday, July 23rd - Bottom Right - "Spencer"
Ahh yes, and those are the names too...man there's so much you don't know! Those colors will also be each TV's "theme". You will see that color backdrop behind them most of the time, and then when they open up the curtain, their rooms will be in that theme. Pretty freakin' in depth. We've converting my apartment into the living space of the tvs. I last told you we were going to shoot this at an actual workspace but Charlotte was worried about the actual "sound" in any soundstage with such high ceilings and stuff since we're doing everything live. I've always wanted to do it in my apartment so I could record things DIRECTLY into my computer, and then of course we wouldn't have to worry about "time" and places closing and such. Then again, having a location for the shoot would make me feel all special and shit. LOL. But we agreed on the apartment.
Unfortunately to backdrop 4tvs in 4 different colors would've cost close to $1000. So screw that. We finally ended up shooting against one blank wall, and buying drywall for the sides. 2 pieces of 6x8 drywall and 4 buckets of paint would be all we need. Hell yeeah. A severely nice saving of money.
Of course even more important than the sets (which you only see for a small part of the show), is what everyone's wearing. So off to Melrose Charlotte and I went to shop. What a strange couple of days this was. Maybe you don't know this about me, but the only time I've ever bought clothes for me...is when I lost the weight in April and couldn't fit in my shit anymore. I hate buying clothes. It's a waste of money to me. First off, I don't have the money to buy the clothes I'd like...and just simple shit is still outrageously expensive. Jeans and a T-shirt my whole life. Oh and the hat. That $25 hat lasted me for 5 years thank you very much. But that wasn't what was strange...Charlotte's footin' the bill. Now that's fuckin' strange. Now do you understand the "Jesus Christ, Superstar?" entry? I mean, I'm trying on pimp suits that are more money than I've ever seen at one time...shit I wouldn't even look at let alone buy. And here's the kicker: All the salespeople are trying to "sell" me on it. I'm TRYING to look stupid funny. And they're trying to tell me I look good. So funny. Live Adam is Mr. Arrogance as I've said before, and so I'm trying on leather plants, gaudy glasses...stupid jewelry - laughing at how funny I look. And the people behind the counters are all: "You look SOOOO good in those. You gotta buy it." LOL. Anyway, after 2 days of shopping, and Charlotte finding all sortsa shit on her own, we were at least ready for the first 2 tvs.
I of course then had the unenviable task of creating the audio script. The absolute lifeblood of the whole miracle of 4tvs. You know I forget that about 4tvs every once and awhile, it is rather miraculous that it all works live. But the reason that is true, is the hours and hours of planning before the shoot. I do the entire script audibly. Every line, every song, and every space for laughter. Therein lies the rub of course. You can't REALLY know where the audience is gonna laugh. In theater you guess, then see what happens live and work with it, then change accordingly...don't really have that luxury here. And in a live-show, that's rather important. Audience reaction, and feeding off that is what makes a live-show BREATHE. Without it, it might as well be a movie...which you DON'T want for this. So what you have to do is guess long. Leave spaces where a critical eye will be impressed at the timing of it all. There will obviously be mistakes. No way around it. The audience will inevitably NOT laugh where you want them to (though this scenerio can be covered by "Live Adam"), and WILL laugh when you never expected it. The latter is the problem. A TV will most definitely talk over audience laughter...and damnit, there's just not a damn thing that can be done about it. Make an educated guess...and run with it.
The audio script actually only took a couple of days. I went through it this week, actually physically trying to pull it off, running back and forth, and it works really well. This is where "The Trinitrons" has the ability to really shine. The TVs at one point (and all randomly) open their curtains and go back into their rooms to change. It's all choreographed in one nice 4-5 minute stretch with all the tvs doing their own thing, yet coming back at the right time and giving it a really "live" feel. Unlike a post-production heavy "The Klumps", this is all done with no edits...and well...very much live. It's what people never really caught (a few did) about how difficult the old music based show was. There were NEVER edits from the open to the close...usually close to 15 minutes long. On top of that timing...we were singing! 5 part harmony ain't the easiest thing in the world, especially when you have no one to practice with - LOL. So you screw up something in the 14th minute of that set...heh - you're starting OVER. The pisser: most people thought I was lip-syncing. (sigh) - fuck most people thought it was karaoke...but I digress.
So we special ordered the drywall, which delayed the first tvs. This is where the nut/ovum kicker comes in. We were to have the first 2 televisions done Friday the 15th, and Monday the 18th respectively. The Tuesday before was the whole "psycho DVD lender" event, that actually kept Charlotte and I from doing a camera test we needed to do. So we pushed the first date to Monday, and the second to Wednesday...no biggie. Then that Saturday we go to get drywall and no place has 6x8. They have to special order it!!! DOH. So we have to push it to FRIDAY. No problem, just a week behind schedule. Well on Wednesday we call to get it, and the guy says:  "You can't special order 6x8 drywall...we have to have a shipment coming in."
And wouldn't you know it...the next day Charlotte passes out in the shower and smacks her head. What really sucks, is we end up getting the 4x8 drywall anyway...which means, had this FUCKIN' MORON told us the right info on Saturday...we'd have shot the 1st TV on that Monday, and the 2nd on Wednesday. Charlotte could've banged her head as fate would have it, and it wouldn't have mattered - WE NEED 2 weeks in between the 2nd and 3rd TV anyway to grow a beard back.
BUT NOOOOOOOOO. This Home Depot retard pulls this shit out of his ass, and essentially delays the entire project nearly 3 weeks. What a mess. What a freakin' mess. But it's ON now, so I'll shut up.
As far as set dressings per character we ran into another problem. Doing so much...that no one will ever see. Charlotte had all these great ideas for each TV, but I kept having to tell her that NO ONE will see a thing. This is one static shot. The camera NEVER moves in any closer. Our best bet is to pick a color scheme...maybe have one big obvious thing, but for the most part...color is our only chance at making there be a difference. We ended up getting a few trinkets per TV, and the colors you saw above will make up the "feel" of each television. I'm doing all the painting and constructing of the set...since it's in my apartment we can save a shitload of time 'cause I can just stare at it and think of shit. Even with all that said and done...I guarantee a good 6 hours will be set-up time tomorrow. Just too many little things to worry about.
And of course...my hair. LOL. My hair. I'm in cornrows right now. The first TV, "Gary", is a complete wannabe gangsta. Truth be told he actually turns out to be a bit of a bad-ass...not a total clown, but god I look funny. I can't wait to introduce you to him in the next entry. Not sure if I'll stay with the 2 entries for all 4 characters plan I had a few weeks back, or give each guy their own entry. We'll see what happens next week.
So basically that covers the pre-production phase. From the clothes, to the hair, to the sets, to the audio script, to the indefinite waiting...it all ends now. 5 months ago I started writing this goddamn show, and tomorrow I do the first performance. The hardest one actually...I have to rap for cryin' out loud. The kicker: It's not a funny rap. I have to actually pull off a really pissed "I'm gonna BEAT YOU DOWN" type of rap - to the tune of "The Way I am" by Eminem.
God help us all.
Expect The Trinitron Chronicles: Part Three in one week.
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