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6:15 AM, Monday, July 2nd, 2001:
Nah, that's not a typo - it's 6:15 in the morning. Been up since 5 AM. So restless. So incredibly impatient...
In my defense, anyone would be a bit impatient here. It's the equivalent of being 8 years old, and on December 23rd, they announce that Christmas won't be in 2 days. They don't know when it'll be. You wait for a few days...then a few weeks, only to find that Christmas will finally be held on January 15th. To an 8 year old, that's akin to ripping his fingernails off with a slow, torturous TEAR...
And I am most certainly the 8 year old in this scenerio.
2 days before we were to shoot, which was already slightly delayed, Charlotte passed out in the shower and hit her head purty damn hard. It seemed ok, but another set of tests produced more worry, and that worry coupled with a nice dose of darvaset, has completely haulted The Trinitrons. As it stands now, she's doing better, slowly coming off the darvaset and can again refocus on the project at hand, as well as the rest of her life. Believe me, she's just as frustrated as I am. Whereas I'm stuck twidling my thumbs for a few weeks, she's a mess of pain, allergies, and haziness on TOP of being unable to do anything productive. But, as of today, this Friday looks to be the first shooting date. Why I bother to type that is beyond me...Murphy's Law will break my leg next week.
What's made this "setback" so aggrivating, is the true LACK of anything to work on. The script is done, the audio script is done. The only rewrites to be done won't be known until we're actually filming and we think to throw something in. So it's been this long period of "circling the runway". Can't really undertake anything...can't really go anywhere... you just get to wait and see. And no, taking Jar-Jar Binks out of Star Wars is not my idea of a productive use of my time-off. I mean god-love the edit, but I'd rather be doing something a bit more intregal to a successful career in FRONT of the camera. Believe me, I'll expalain every little thing that's gone into the pre-production phase of "The Trinitrons" in the next entry...I hope.
In life news, apparently there was a hurricane in Mexico last week...and guess what day we decided to go to the beach? Sweet Lord I almost drown. Body surfing in waves that big is not fun. Not even a little. You get sucked under and slammed around so hard...you definitely need a body board of some type to stay above it all. The whole time I kept getting creepy premonitions too. I was there with a friend from highschool who was in town for the weekend and Jess...and I was just certain someone was gonna die. It definitely got ME out of the water early. Hate shit like that.
As well, my highschool buddy Paul is also quite the muscle-man. Finally ran into the guy that could give me some idea of how to build the right muscles the right way. All I can say, is that after 6 months of equating low weight with HAPPINESS...this muscle thing kinda sucks. I gained about 6 pounds because of a changed diet with more calories and protein as well as heavy workouts. Like in 2 days. LOL. Telling myself that this is a good thing has been a bit hard to swallow, but it's another huge transformation as I've never lifted weights in my life. I was finally getting used to maintaining my 150 pound frame...and now I throw my body into the blender again. As well my mind is all askew. I'm not a weight lifter. It just isn't me. After Paul said: "Alright, this excercise hurts like a bitch...it's AWESOME", I knew I was entering into a different world. God love Paul, brilliant medical student and very serious about health, but sweet jesus this guy is one thick block of muscle. He's been weight lifting for 9 years, and is just in a different universe than me. Serious weight lifters are just so adament man. Like he couldn't just tell me a few excercises, he writes me out a book (which I'm SO THANKFUL FOR MAN), and the 2 days he was here, the man probably poured 5 glasses of milk for me to drink for protein. I guess he could've done worse things to me for protein intake.
The joys of not skimming these entries and reading every word. Nice visuals. So anyway, in a couple months I should look even more different. I've been diggin my workouts so far. I have found I'm one of the "LOUD" weight lifters. I have to scream my last few reps. It's pretty funny. And damnit if I always walk into the gym in our apartment when some hot chick is there on the bike or somethin'. And I'm there SCREAMIN to lift 80 pounds. (sigh).
Speakin' of hot chicks, Jess is burnt to a crisp. LOL. I find you white people funny. You "sun-burned" bunch. I have never been sun-burnt more than a slightly pink nose in my life. I get sun-blackened. I'm beginning to compete with a few of the black guys in my building - LOL. And ahem, she's hot with and without the burn... ;-)
Oh and to add to the "universal human decency" list that was started with "loaning 101" a few entries back...comes a really good one. Back in 1998 I lent a girlfriend my Gameboy, Super Mario Land, and Tetris. Now I thought I had gotten it back from her and that I just had it in my boxes I've never been able to unpack in the last 2 years. I was wrong, she still had it. ERRRR - she gave it away. ?!!??!?! What the hell? Have you ever done that? Ever? Given away something someone lent to you? It's shit like this, that makes me feel like an ALIEN. The thought wouldn't CROSS MY MIND. And really, it's not like I'm hard to find, for CRYIN' OUT LOUD SHE'S ON THIS MAILING LIST. LOL. Just email me: "You want this back?"..."Mind if I give it to charity?" - Uhm...yeah (sigh). She did end up payin' me back which was quite decent, and there's really no harm done....but it's just another one of those things that makes me think: "HUH?". There's this thing in me that would FORCE me to contact the person. It'd be like a force field around the object that was lent to me, that I couldn't give it away or sell it. But I digress... thanks for payin' me back. That was cool.
And finally the death of Carroll O'Connor has bummed me out a bit lately. For you "Celebrity deaths in 3's" folks, Jack Lemon and Chet Atkins followed quickly after...goddamn that's eerie. Anyway, I love "All in The Family". Easily my favorite sitcom. There's just never been better written character development on television. The 4 main characters were so perfectly cast, and so wonderfully written...it's just a joy to watch. Carroll brought such sincerity to such a difficult character and should be admired for generations to come. It's sad to me that so many people don't understand Archie Bunker. They don't see the overall JOKE. Archie is a fool. Even if at times he's a loveable fool, it in no way is an endorsement of his beliefs. It's what makes the show even more incredible.
To make you feel at ANY point for Archie when it's so obvious how ignorant he is a testament to the human spirit and just brilliant acting. I guarantee there's people writing sitcoms right now that hate "All In The Family". These people are writing for (least favorite network here) now. Heh, slamming a network isn't in my best interest at this point is it... Anyway, my hat's off to you Carroll, you will inspire generations of actors for many, many years.
And though I shouldn't dare promise this again, look for "The Trinitron Chronicles: Part Two" this Thursday.
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