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...handcuffs, aren't nice.
3:42 PM, Sunday, June 17th, 2001:
Happy Father's Day. How proud you'll be of me after THIS entry...
I must be destined for fame. I must be some special FREAK put on this earth to make it...because I'm just not normal.
I'm sitting handcuffed in the back of a police car, and you know what I'm thinking? You know what's most prominent on my mind?
"What's the title of my entry gonna be?"
In my defense, what the hell else could I think about? Worrying about the $1000 fine wasn't gonna make it go away. Worrying about having a misdemeanor on my record wasn't gonna make it NOT happen...so I tried to figure out the funniest way to tell you I got arrested. What an amazing story this Journey has turned out to be...
Anyway, in Trinitrons news - Charlotte had to special order the drywall for our set and it's gonna set us back yet a few more days, but that's alright - it's all comin' together. Looks like Friday now. Ok, ok...I'll tell you. I just wanted to make you think: "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU GET ARRESTED FOR?"
So Marshall asks me if I want to go to Wango Tango (this actually is the story - lol). Big 2 day concert with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilerra, Ricky Martin...for free. $100 tickets for nuttin'. I wanna see Britney and Christina naked. Clothed holds no interest for me, but hey - Christina is doin' the old Moulin Rouge bit...so it vertainly was tempting. Anyway, his friend got in a car accident and couldn't use the tickets - but they wanted someone to enjoy them.
Well I was honest with him and said: "Dude, I'd sell the tickets, and if they really want someone to go to the concert - I'd feel shitty just taking them and selling them"...he talked to his friends and they said take all 4 and we'd split the profit. Cool. I felt good about being honest, and hey: "WE REALLY NEED THE MONEY". Hopefully we just made at least $200.
Went to Dodger Stadium and stood on the street with everyone else holding out the tickets. People were low-ballin' my ass hard. I know, I didn't pay for them, but Marshall's friends' did, and I felt semi-responsible to them. Chick spent $420 on them and couldn't go...so I wanted to make sure she got at LEAST half that. Then one of the cars stopped, the guy got out, took my tickets, told me to put my hands behind my head, frisked me, handcuffed me and threw me in the back of the car. (sigh).
So I'm listening to them talk seeing if they were gonna be cool, and there was no having it. They were going right down the line, getting everyone, and taking us to the station to cite us: $1000, and a misdemeanor on my record. They're also talking to Jessica, and once I had thought of the entry title, I started praying for Jessica to start crying. If she freaks out, there's a chance they'd feel bad enough. I felt quite confident in her ability and as if on cue, the tears came. It wasn't but 5 minutes later the cop says to me: "Your wife's gonna get you out of jail." All the cops kept giving me shit for dragging my wife along. But they could do whatever the fuck they wanted to me as long as they didn't give me the ticket...and they didn't. Sent me on my way. AND THEY GAVE US THE TICKETS BACK. What the hell? I think it was to trick us into trying again and then totally killing us. Needless to say, we left. They told me to not say shit to any of the other scalpers or they wouldn't hesitate to take us both in. As we walked back they got 2 more people. Kind of pissed me off a bit, because...why the fuck is this illegal? Oh well it is, and I got lucky.
So after failing to find something that rhymed with "Wango Tango"..."Floor seats, half-price...handcuffs, aren't nice" won. Still bummed I couldn't make any money.
All that is true about The Trinitrons, so don't expect the "Part Two" entry now until Thursday. It does suck, but I'll make sure to use the extra 4 days to work the script up even more. It's amazing, you can never stop. You can ALWAYS improve a script. To the point that even LIVE ADAM will have different lines each time I perform him I'm sure...but I love it. The fact that I have 17 copies of the script tells me that it's THAT much better than it was even a week ago. But I digress, and I'll get into it in the next entry.
Unless I get arrested again.
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JUNE 2001