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12:25 PM, Tuesday, April 10th, 2001:
Well I threatened to do this entry for a few months now. It was so much work, that I avoided it for quite some time, but...Adam needs some money. LOL. If you've come through the site from the homepage you'll see that I've ONCE AGAIN changed the opening sections. You can't imagine how long it takes to redo just that page. This frontpage redo took 3 1/2 hours. (sigh) - I think I'm done though. So what's 4tvs Productions? The truth of the matter is that during my struggle out here I've unintentionally acquired many valuable "survival" skills that I need to start cashing in on...in the short term. I guess this entry should be entitled: "THANK YOU ABOT" - but I won't be that much of a smart-ass to point out how they played a roll in all this.
LOL - right.
Dear ABOT Productions,
In August of 1999, you decided that my "Blair Witch TVs" set was not the type of humor you wanted to be associated with. You wanted 4tvs to continue to be just a musical performance. I realized that the music would have to be secondary to the comedy and couldn't do away with it. You broke off our relations and forced me to put thousands of MORE freakin' dollars into 4tvs that I wasn't prepared to do. In November of that year, just weeks before I left for LA, I had put together a complete video editing computer along with a digital camcorder. I created the "Slide" and "Day in the Life" set and then was off to LA.
As has been the pattern of my life since I've had control of it...I've taken a shitty situation and made it a positive. I don't dare say I had the "power" to do this...many times a nice dose of luck played a hand, but I always positioned my pieces to ALLOW for the positive to happen. When ABOT pulled the plug, I could've very well said "FUCK IT". I had paid them nearly $2000 to edit together the first couple of 4tvs sets, and I hadn't a clue on how to do it myself. Turns out it was paramount to monkey-work, and ignorance is bliss and quite expensive. But I didn't say fuck it. I put everything together myself, and that alone has saved my ass out here.
So now, I figure I might as well make a nice presentation and try to sell those services on some level. As opposed to being "a guy I know can do that for you...", my skills can actually be known as 4tvs Productions. As well there's a lot of people out here and back home that are quite talented in many forms of media I haven't been able to learn yet including flash animation that has become quite big in the web world. Through 4tvs Productions we could all make a little bit of dough and provide people with creative content at a reasonable price.
Which brings me to the best reason for 4tvs Productions. The price of video and web production is absolutely stupid. Nobody seems to have a middle ground if they need some sort of multi-media work done. You either have a friend with a "fisher-price" computer and cool video software he doesn't know how to use, or HUGE production companies that will charge outRAGEOUS amounts of money. And I do mean outrageous prices. When I heard what people have paid for their piss-poor websites - I am floored. Thousands upon thousands of dollars and the most BORING, un-enticing, graphically pathetic, horribly compressed-way-too-long to load, shit on the net. Not that I'm opinionated about it in the least - eh? But I'd like to offer an alternative. And when I started taking stock of the past year or so, I realize I have. I've done many professional jobs including tons of video and web work. Music scoring on many projects - even creating graphics and cover art. I soon realized I had a nice foundation for a little production company.
The Video Production section of the site is still incomplete. I mean, talk about a BIG FREAKIN' SECTION. I don't even know how to begin to show the video work I've done in the past year and a half. It makes my head hurt thinking of that section, but the other 3 look quite nice. One of the pictures above leads to the 4tvs Productions movie. It's like a game to find it! What fun we're having! Anyway, check out all the sections when you get time...or don't. It's just another section of the 4tvs pie I thought y'all should know about.
And of course if there's any work you need to have done in any of these areas, by all means: shoot me an email adam4tvs@gmail.com. Price is heh...HIGHLY negotiable.
As for the rest of my life...expect a true introduction of The Trinitrons, as the first draft of the show is complete. There's still quite a bit of rewriting to be done, but some great things have come out as well as an ending that could absolutely be a show-stopper. I'll shoot that entry off in about a week followed by the big #120 where I can finally divulge the little secret I've been working on for over 3 months. Even without hitting the lottery (I'm still getting reactions from some of you late readers - LOL) life is quite exciting, and I couldn't be happier.
Stay Tuned,
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APRIL 2001