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...though no one believes me
1:03 PM, Monday, March 19th, 2001:
Today I am STILL recovering from a turbinate surgery I had on Friday. 7 years ago I had a deviated septum surgery and I guess they didn't finish the job. So I had the final part a few days ago where they laser the turbanates out of your nose. Not fun. Even with outrageous doses of Vicatin, it's still not fun.
But the worst is that, I know people don't believe me. I guess "I had a deviated septum" is quite the popular excuse for getting a nose job out here. Lucky me huh? I'm born with these SCREWED up airways and everyone just thinks I'm vain. And those are just the people that actually come out and ASK me why my nose is all bandaged up. LOL. They kind of just shake their head after I use "my excuse" and laugh inside at how poorly I lie. Then there's a whole other group that just won't say anything - because they KNOW why I did it. It begs the question why do anything to your nose if you're NOT gonna get a nose job - or..did I need one?
That's the stinger. Everyone's so accepting that I just had my nose job, that you have to wonder if I looked like I needed a nose job before? Yeah, well too bad - I'd never go through this much shit for a nosejob. Ever. Of course when I went in today to get my packing taken out, she told me of how the rest of the nurses and doctrs in the room said that she "HAD TO TAKE OFF THAT MOLE!!". Then when they found out I was an actor, they gave her even more shit - like "For his own good! Take off that mole!". Goddamn LA. I like my mole. I guess up close it's pretty nasty - but goddamn...I never really thought about it - LOL. I feel like such a schlep...
You add that with my "no shaving, no haircut" look - I am looking quite dapper right now. And you should hear me talk! Nothing like coating your voicebox with mucous and blood then trying to sound human. I sound a bit like Lester, without as much energy. And to think people choose to feel like this for a nose job. Whew.
In Trinitrons land, I've been getting quite the dose of reality lately. I am not funny. I am uninspired. I have no comic "patter". Good thing I still have an ego or those lines would kick my ass. Yes, writing The Trinitrons has been harder than I previously thought it would be. Charlotte has specific roles in mind for the characters and I'm trying to write them exactly as she wants...and I'm doing so poorly. LOL. It's tough as a writer to write other people's characters since you don't feel close to them. It'll happen - it's just gonna take longer than I had thought. The end result will be better for "The Trinitrons" and that is of course the only thing that counts. I still hope to shoot at least 2 of the tvs in April, but that may be difficult. LOL - I just wanna shave off this FREAKIN' BEARD.
And I'll have you all know I've kept a secret for over 2 months. Uhm, not sure where the hell that came from. Guess I'm running out of shit to talk about for this entry. The secret has been on my mind for quite some time - and though I probably could say it now, I'm gonna wait until next month. Still a tiny bit more work to be done, but rest assured you'll be impressed. It absolutely contributes to why I've been in such a great mood the psat few months. The "I can't lose" syndrome I've been in for awhile (though the unfunny/uninspired shit certainly helped to balance that), has been a product of quite a few factors. And in a few weeks - you'll understand why.
So enjoy the video. Kind of reminds me of back in the WTVN days when I was really sick, so Lester was sick that night, Dr. Dick Rosetti was sick that night (all my bits) - everything I did had to be the "sick version". Ahh the good old days. I sound nothing like a radio announcer these days.
Hopefully my next entry will finally be 4tvs Productions. What I've been threatening to do for months now. For now, I continue to recover...
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