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12:24 AM, Friday, February 23rd, 2001:
My oh my, 2 weeks have passed. You all know what that means...my life is ROLLIN'. I'm not sure if I've ever been in a better mood in my entire life. Knowing I have a direction and a specific goal has made the rest of my life absolutely glow. It's funny, I know many of you are dismissing the past few entries as "heard it before" and I love it. Because a very small amount of you were able to read EVERY word of the entries and understand what's happening. It's made me go back and reread all the entries about Hollywood Screentest and see if I was the same way...and thankfully I can see my reservations. I always made it clear that I don't know HOW the hell they were gonna sell "Movie Minded" no matter how good it was. That was out of my control, and I just kept my nose to the grindstone. What was the jackpot in HST, was the $$ for the editing which single-handedly kept Jess and I out here. It was the break of the year - and I'm thankful as hell it happened.
Of course now I have a well-connected manager who sees the potential in 4tvs, can get me into the biggest comedy clubs in the world, and has some of the freshest ideas I have ever heard. She understands how to position 4tvs for a network or a development deal, and we're taking our time to make sure we nail this. What makes me even giddier...it rests on my shoulders. Finally a break that isn't based on VOTES, or friends, or luck...it's based on my talents. Bring it on.
So....SO! What's with this title? What's the news? Well, the news is simple: Tonight, I played my very last show at Lulu's Beehive. I didn't know it was my last show, but when it was over...it was most certainly over. I could book more months, but there's just no reason to. In fact, I may be hurting my future by continuing to do the "old" 4tvs. I'll put the show entry here:
Thursday, February 22nd, 2001 - 8:45 -10:00 PM
Rather nonexistent. Things went smooth. Still pissed at Marty. Every time I have to ask someone to help me I remember the phone conversation I had with Marty saying: "You realize, if I change the set-up to this, you have to be there. Before I could set-up myself, but now you have to be at EVERY SHOW." He was cool. He left a few weeks later. LOL. The new set-up is nice. I'm so amazed that it works when I turn it on.
Singin' to the Ants
*just shai **no chest hair
Tonight was incredibly bad. It was such a bad night, it become funny - and I just started to laugh and have fun. Quite reminiscent of the last show in Columbus. A group of people who could give a fuck less. Except tonight it was worse. Lots of drunk people (they even threw people out) and so much talking. It was so goddamn loud in there, I lost my voice just trying to be heard. On top of that, this one chick kept saying AMAZINGLY rude things aout me thinking I couldn't hear her. Goddamn it was funny. "He's flat...that was flat...he's struggling...he's flat." And then my favorite: "Well, it's performance art, we can't expect much - it's free." It just kept rollin' man. The best part was I started turning the lyrics into the things she was saying...it was great fun. She never caught on that I could hear her. HAHAHA. The rest of the audience was indifferent. I mean they couldn't understand anything anyway. It was just soooo fuckin' loud. It's amazing how loud people can talk in such a small place. The other kicker was I forgot to flyer the apartment complex until last night. So no one was able to come out. My fault there - I was just so damn busy I almost forgot about the gig myself.
So the show became a strange, surreal type of thing for me. I kept thinking of the future. How incredible it's gonna be to play to an audience that wants to listen. It's gonna be amazing. It was at this point that I realized I had played my last show at Lulu's Beehive. I was also realizing how LOUD I was having to scream to hear anything. So I started singing to the ants. I got on my knees and just sang to the ground. I wanted to lay on the floor and roll around and scream in tongues. I just wanted to blow up. I wanted to jump up and down and say: "LOOK AT ME!" I wanted to see these people in a year. In a year when they realized they were AT a 4tvs show, but they never paid attention. That one made me smile. And that mouthy bitch - ROFL, she just kept goin man. It was so funny. Best part was, she was the only one interested in the show and even gave me $1 tip! HAHAHA.
And so ends 4tvs as we know it. All the sets, and the laughs, and the history - it's over. Sileneced forever. The thousands of dollars paid to ABOT to produce a few sets...the hours and hours and hours of work...I mean HOURS of work. 16 sets. All done. Time to move on. I'm still in a bit of shock here. Shock for a few reasons. One, the next time those tvs go on it'll be an entirely different comedy show. But the real thing is that there's no turning back now. This is the new path of 4tvs. And if this road winds down...and nothing comes of it... there will be no second push for 4tvs. There will be no demo tapes of the "old" show hitting all the coffeeshops and tiny clubs again. Those days are completely over. It got me to the next step which is a connected manager showing 4tvs a new light.
Things always seem to happen to me in round numbers, so it's only fitting. This was the 60th show. I turned those puppies (tvs) on 60 times and had a helluva ride, but tonight marked the end of that ride. I've never been happier in my life.
So there's the show entry. Singing to the ants...LOL. I'm so goddamn pumped.
The rest of life is just busy as hell. Still trying to finish the sound editing to the movie "Pep Talk" (the one my manager is producing), finishing my father's site and as well Michele Greene's site. Thinking about "The Trinitrons" has unfortunately been a back burner issue until all that's finished. At least I've been able to get some sleep. Oh, and here's some great news:
Lester will appear in Episode 3 of "Bitches" as "The Change Guy". Paddy's web-cartoon on nibblebox.com. I'll use the opening in which I did the Theme song, as next entries' video. Apparently he'll pop up in quite a few episodes as "The Change Guy"....all it makes me want is to do The Boyles as a flash cartoon. And believe me, it's been seriously talked about - but right now I'm just too damn busy.
There's also one other thing that I've been working on since January 8th that is shaping up to be quite extraordinary. I think I'll be able to tell you about it in mid-March. It's a first for me and quite a factor in my great mood lately.
Oh, and what was up with Eminem's right hand on the Grammy's a couple of nights ago? That was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. And what the hell is Elton thinking. I mean I understand being able to respect other musicians on certain levels without taking in the entire theme, but come ON. I like Eminem and I like Elton John, but together it's just WRONG. It's like Dennis Miller and Monday Night Football. I like 'em both, but he just rubs me the wrong way on the show. First of all, Dido should've sang her part, I felt bad for her...and...DAMNIT ELTON YOU'RE GAY. I mean for cryin' out loud have you ever LISTNED to Eminem's songs? Elton must know something about Eminem that we don't. Heh heh. I mean really, can you buzz your hair and dye it blonde without being gay?
Alright, alright...shut-up. I did it for 4tvs. My kids are soooooooo gonna make fun of me for this. Man can you imagine me as your dad?
And on that note I go back into my world of editing and web design only to pray that by Monday I can look forward to writing "The Trinitrons".
So long 4tvs...
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